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How many people on here have had anything to do with this course (whether it's as staff/cadet/pinged as a YO on your summer leave!)

What did you think of the whole thing? A realistic insight into the life of a YO at Hogwarts?


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Many many many moons ago!! As a cadet (CCF). Just to show how long ago it was, in the boatshed/workshop they had the picket boat that HRH was going to use........and it wasn't for Prince Andrew!!

I seem to remember that I had a great time. It coincided with regatta week, picked up a nice bird whilst ashore! Also seem to remember a lot of running up and down the steps to the boats! We had our own racing in Hurleys. Still have the certificate for all the boats that I was qualified for. Bugger all use now!! If you haven't got an RYA cert you can't cox....I've only been sailing for 37 years !!!!

Ah happy days
I was a pinged OUT (what we used to call YOs. You could not call St George, or most of Talbot for that matter, YOs!) in 1979. I attended the Scholars Camp in 1976. That was my first experience of the RN as I atended a school that did not have an RN section in its CCF at the time. The week was fantastic. You may recall it was a very hot summer. Most of the time was spent out of doors with very few lectures and presentations in the mornings. A lot of river time every day and a bit of drill (heaven!). The evenings were taken up with under age drinking in the NAAFI (Pavilion) and once or twice in the floaters. I came home wanting more. Imagine going back again doing all of that week in week out and being paid for it!. I gave up all thought of Uni and went there straight from school. Did it prepare me for the rigours of BRNC? Yes. I was under no illusions what I was letting my self in for and have loved every moment I have spent there over the years.
By far my happiest time there was the two weeks as "Staff" in 1979. This was part of my "Leave Activities". BRNC was shut for about six weeks in the summer. (My other activity was a couple of weeks Naval Liason onboard the old SS Oriana, 'nuff said!) I retained my cabin in Blake (A block with a river view) and we all lived in the Wardroom. We ran the camps as instructors. During the CCF camp their "OUTs" were on a parallel baisic course run by CCF officers comanded by a Cdr (CCF) from Worcester RGS. I am sorry to say that we had a great deal of fun at all their efforts, especially on the river. Their training would have been far better had we done it.
The second week was the Scholars Camp. This was slightly more challenging but better fun as the campers were just a little bit younger than us. The programs were identical and I am sure one or two CCF boys stayed on for both weeks.

Yes it gave a real insight and I think every one else enjoyed it too. Are they still going?


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Deckhead_Inspector said:
Yes it gave a real insight and I think every one else enjoyed it too. Are they still going?
Yes, still happens every summer with about 200ish CCF/SCC/Sea Scouts/POCs sent by the DNR
I have just been offered a place with DNR.
ALthough they have told me to take my tricorne as im due to become a PPO anyone know the reason for this?
What is the course like?
Do the AIB like it?
Well, what did people think? or are they still there :s can't remember.

I've been twice, last year and the year before. I first went as DNR right after doing my AIB at 15 then last year as a Welbexian. I enjoyed myself no end and made friends with quite a few YOs who are helping me loads.

I just got back from this course and it was a brilliant week, made even better by the YOs. Brilliant week, and has made me want to get there ASAP.

Torbay Division, we were robbed of First Place, if only the Judges had marked the Singing contest properly! And thanks to the staff of Torbay for voting me Cadet of the Division.
Just gpt back from BRNC Summer camp and was in Triumph division i had a absolutely fantastic time and has spurred me on to join thr RN the moment that was decided doing colours at the front of BRNC showed me how much i want to be an officer and im going to put in 100% to get in so hopefully might me a YO next year for this course.


I've set up for those who want to keep in touch. I'm not sure if it will be used much, but it would be nice if a few people registered.
Caroline, I think I remember you, you were writing an extremely long letter to a certain matelot?
Booty, were you the bootneck (forgotten your name!) who I met on the Paddington - Totnes train? Sat with Craig and a couple of others...


Martin, Trafalgar, told lots of extremely bad jokes, had a long chat with you in the queue for supper. You were very proud of your hat which you'd bought as a private purchase for your immenent promotion?
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