BRNC Start dates for 2013

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Eeyore, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. Following on from my post about my daughter re-applying to the RN has anyone got any firm dates for the start of the 2013 BRNC intakes?
  2. Hello Eeyore, I haven't read your other thread so I don't know your daughter's background but generally they will let you know 4-6 weeks before the next entry. For example, if you were waiting for the November batch you will find out by the end of October. This may well be different for people with strong passes/bursars/shortage branches/time of year etc but I am only going on my own personal experience.

    I am sure Ninja Stoker or Super Mario will be along with the proper answer.

    Edit: If it is any consolation I am going absolutely stir-bat-*******-crazy waiting for the AIB to say if I have been selected.
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  3. Circus,

    Thanks for your response - as you can see it was the only one.

    So I have been searching around and saw a thread that had BRNC start dates of Feb, May, Sep & Nov for 2012.

    Can anyone confirm if these are the same for every year?

    Really sorry if this is a silly question.
  4. Eeyore,

    Well I think the 4 intakes per year was either new for 2011/2012. As far as I know it will be the same for 2013+ although please bare in mind that I am just a candidate and everything is susceptible to change. Does your daughter have an AIB coming up or is she going to have to go back through the whole process?
  5. I'm a candidate and last time I checked the intakes for 2013 were the same as 2012 - I'm meeting the ACLO tomorrow for a pre-AIB brief so I will check with him to confirm.
  6. Circus - she has decided to speak to the ACLO this week in her local office. Given it is more than a year since she left BRNC she is expecting to have to go through the whole process again so anything that is missed out is a bonus.

    Sparkasaurus - good luck with the AIB. Are you hoping to make the Nov intake? What branch are you going for?
  7. Ah I see, well best of luck with everything.
  8. Eeyore- - Thank you. I believe the Nov intake will be a bit of a tough ask as they usually select the majority of candidates roughly 6 weeks before (don't quote me on that). I'm aiming for February as Warfare Officer.
  9. that was the view of the AFCO - November and possibly Feb too close so she's targetting May. Fingers crossed.
  10. Aye, I imagine if she has to go through any of the preliminaries again that would delay things a bit. Have the AFCO confirmed that your daughter will just have to re-take AIB? All the best to her.

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