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BRNC showers

Hey there,

Sorry, a bit of a strange question but Im curious as to what the shower arrangment is like at BRNC? Are they open and communal or individual cubicals? Doors or curtains, that kind of thing?

unless submariner, then you will not get one

edited, missed a few key words, not as bad as missing out not in front of guilty on court papers?
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They dont worry me I am just wondering what to expect realy. I am aware that the showers at Ralegh are communial as Ive taken a look around but I was curious as to compare.

Sea training is much more fun. A hearty scrub and then it's all down below for a lark about with
a big bottle of Johnsons baby oil and a game of naked twister.

Good Luck.

Whenever/if-ever a shower was appropriate I recall being as swift as humanly possible as sods law dictated that then would be the time of a S/M 'happening'.

OTOH Bird baths were almost as effective with a lesser risk...
"Young Mariner". Please. FFS join the crabs.
During "Corporate" some genius decided to remove all the Formica ( or whatever the equivalent was ) from our steamer. That included the doors and partitions in the heads. Something to do with the stuff sharding when hit or so they said. Always had to go for a no 2 at 0300 in the morning as I couldn't hack being greeted from the Burma way whilst sat on the trap. For some reason the lads seemed to take great delight in wishing you good morning whilst taking a major detour via the wardroom heads on their way to scran.
Oh, and don't forget the foofs and Brut.

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