BRNC showers

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Sorry, a bit of a strange question but Im curious as to what the shower arrangment is like at BRNC? Are they open and communal or individual cubicals? Doors or curtains, that kind of thing?



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unless submariner, then you will not get one

edited, missed a few key words, not as bad as missing out not in front of guilty on court papers?
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They dont worry me I am just wondering what to expect realy. I am aware that the showers at Ralegh are communial as Ive taken a look around but I was curious as to compare.


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Sea training is much more fun. A hearty scrub and then it's all down below for a lark about with
a big bottle of Johnsons baby oil and a game of naked twister.

Good Luck.

Whenever/if-ever a shower was appropriate I recall being as swift as humanly possible as sods law dictated that then would be the time of a S/M 'happening'.

OTOH Bird baths were almost as effective with a lesser risk...