BRNC September 8th 2008 Entry

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Craig_C, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. The TSO rang yesterday and confirmed that I will be joining BRNC in September!! Has anyone else heard???
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Nope, you should've put the call on speakerphone for wider audience participation.

    Congratulations anyway and best of luck to you.
  3. Well done craig!!! I have my AIB around that time. Are you warfare, loggie, engineer or a fleet air arm guy? I myself am going for warfare. I hope to see you there in Dartmouth from at least the New Year onwards!
  4. Thanks!

    Good luck at the AIB.. It is a great couple of days. Just remember to put loads of effort in before hand and whilst your down there and you should pass!!

    I am joining as XSM - Warfare Officer Submariner.
  5. Good stuff! Im Warfare (GS). How many intakes do they have a year now? It seems as though they are always bloody changing them. Ive heard that I could be going in nov if I get a v. good pass, is this true?
  6. Congratulations Craig, I'm sure many people can relate to the relief of being told the good news from the TSO.

    I also will be starting in September, thankfully the TSO told me back in February that I have a space rather than keeping me in the lurch until now to let me know.

    I can't wait to get cracking now. Are you planning on going to the pre joining meet and greet in London ?


  7. I hadn't heard about the meet and greet.

    I have now..... so probably, I need to see what is happening with work though.

    What are you going in as; Warfare?

    (Edit) Oh and a group has now been set up on Facebook for Sept 8th Entry....
  8. All I know is its around the 17th August, but I am trying to re-jog my memory back 5 months ago so it could be any date to be honest. In any case your ACLO should inform you about it. It also depends where you live in the country as I guess there will be other meets.

    I will be doing Air Engineering if all goes to plan.

    I'm actually contemplating starting to pack, can never be to eager!
  9. haha cool. I need to ring my ACLO and tell him actually!

    Well I live in Sussex so the London meet would probably be the most convenient.
  10. Congrats on the dates guys!! I phoned the TSO on monday and was told that I am pretty much a shoe in but he didn't know whether it would be for september or november. Hopefully I will be able to boast a sept entry date instead of nov as I just want to crack on now!! Will keep you posted. :thumright:

    P.S Does the TSO phone you or do you just get sent a joining pack??
  11. Cheers...

    You have to phone the TSO. He will then say if it's a yes or no. I think the final selection is made in a few weeks (so i have heard). He will then either ring you or send you a letter out in the post.

    I am not too sure when we get the joining pack. I have just had a letter confirming his offer.

    Hope that helps and good luck!!

  12. From some one who was in the September entry 44 years ago well done, good luck and enjoy yourself.
  13. Hi, I was ment to join in June this year, but ended up spraining my ankle 5 weeks before entry.

    I informed the TSO, and asked for a place in september. I was called back later that day and told that I had been pre-selected for the September the 8th entry, and recieved a letter confirming this later on that week.

    The letter stated that I had a place in September's uptake for XSM, providing my medical clearence was granted. (Did anyone else have this stated in thier letter?)

    Im now waiting for the letter that re-confirms that I am entering in September, and the joining-pack.

    Its 6 weeks and 3 days to go, and I still have not heard from them. Anyone else getting this? Or have you all been confirmed as joining on the 8th sept, and have you got your joining pack?

    Kim in cornwall
  14. haha, just found out from the TSO - im deffinatly joining on Sept the 8th.

    look forwards to seeing you there!

    whats this about a get-together in london? aint heard about that...


  15. All the best guys, I've just passed ABLE (formerly known as ACE, and for the even older PLX), which was lovely! I have been selected to be a "Sea Parent" for Torbay Division New Entry, telling you the best ways to A4 your kit and how to play the game!

    Enjoy your summer guys!
  16. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Sep entry, the entry of heros.

    Now a few things to remember.

    Never admit to being the last person to touch it/move it/look at it.

    Deny everything

    If unsure get the person to SAFEGUARD the statement ie "You can use the steps if your surname begins with a H" - "Safeguard?" and we all know the answer.

    Learn to touch type. That is the only skill you need as an officer, that and a highly tuned BS meter.


    Enjoy, learn and do not think you know it all after 3 months at BRNC.

    Be confident in your abilities but recognise when you are out of your depth and ask.
  17. I'm in on the 8th September as a UY X(SM).

    Looking forward to the change of pace, but a bit nervous.

    Still, had a cracking run for my last night as an AB.

    Cheers to any lads that are reading this :)

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