BRNC September 2020


Well, it looks like this thread isn't all that popular, but in any case. does anyone have any views on ironing boards? I don't entirely fancy lugging a full sized iron board around with me on the train etc but the opinions in previous threads seems mixed. I bet lots get left behind at the end of each term - maybe there's a thriving black market in ironing boards in Dartmouth!

Also - thanks to various members of this forum for the useful information and encouragement which helped me through the application process early on!


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Lots don't get left behind at the end of every term, they usually leave with their owners. Do you have to take one? Does it say so in your Joining Instructions? If not then it's entirely up to you; are you hoping enough other people have that you'll have ready access to one? Bear in mind that there's an LOT of ironing to be done in the first few days (and not much less after that), and everyone will be wanting to get theirs done so they can get their head down.

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