BRNC - September 2014 Entry

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by potential_disaster, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. I realise this post probably won't see much action for a while but I got given the September 2014 entry the day after I got back from the AIB in December (Warfairy, GS) so I thought I would start the thread just in case anyone is in the same position? Safe to say this will start filling up nearer the time. Would be nice to hear how people are preparing. :lol:
  2. Yes I'm sept entry !

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  3. Brilliant! Have you managed to source any joining info yet? I've gleaned that there is a reading list to get through which would be great to get cracking on before finals ramp up. Which branch are you joining?
  4. Not yet ! It won't come til nearer the time ! Aircrew (pilot)

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  5. Yeah I figured. I'm trying to hit up some of the people on the feb entry for some info, I'll PM you if I get anything decent.
  6. How long was the wait between AIB and recieving a joining date?

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  7. They phoned me the next day. Do with that what you will, but I don't think there is a set time frame.
  8. Hey, I've finally made a post. Yay. I'm not in for September 2014 entry, but my ACLO reckons I could be with a good aib pass and if I completely fly through the selection process. And she definitely meant 2014, which is kind of terrifying as I only did my RT on the sixth. But anyway. I might be there apparently and hopefully. Warfare, by the way. :)
  9. I've got my AIB very soon for's taken a year to get here! If you have September offers does that mean May is not an option? I put it as preferred entry cause I'm eager to get there!

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  10. Hi, first off I'm not sure what you mean by 'if you have September offers'. On the pre-AIB pack they let you choose which entry you want to go in for, are you saying you'd prefer September or May? And as for the AIB itself, just remember that the PLTs are a full third of the marks. Speak loud and clear with confidence and you'll do fine.
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  11. I'm hoping for May, I'm just trying to work out if that's realistic considering my AIB is in March/ I have not had the lantern test yet.
  12. I think it just depends on if they've filled up all the spots or not, if not they will probably rush you through the rest of it to get you in for May. I'd say be prepared to go in May (i.e. get as fit as humanly possible) so if you do have to go in May you won't be woefully under prepared and wash out. Good luck!
  13. Out of interest, Robbo, what dates at you sitting it?

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  14. Have my AIB coming up soon, Hoping for sept entry to BRNC.
    Any ideas as to how i can prepare for the Planning Exercise?
  15. You can join as a fairy if you like. I'll stick to being a (Principal) Warfare Officer.
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  16. So is anyone confirmed for the September intake? Getting close now!
  17. I was confirmed as a warfare entry for September a month ago, roughly 2 weeks post AIB. Currently enjoying juggling a 20,000 word dissertation and the prep required for BRNC! Have you made much of a dent in the reading list?
  18. Haha, I posted that exact question on another thread... not really is the answer. Although my gripe is the cost of the books rather than lack of time! How's your phys? I feel like so long as I can comfortably do the run (i.e. ~ 10:20 ish, not that that's comfortable) and have a good knowledge of the Rules of the Road for when we get there then everything else will fall into place.
  19. Also I know it's cheating but there is a 2013 BBC documentary called 'Empire of the Seas' which they have kindly put on youtube which does cover the history of the navy quite nicely, although by no means exhaustively. Episodes 3 and 4 are probably more relevant.
  20. Yeah I saw but I wanted to kill two birds with one stone! Agreed, the prep (kit list/reading material) can work out quite expensive at the moment but it will be worth it in the long run. Phys is going great as I enjoy it and its one of the only releases I can get from doing work given the time constraints present!

    With regards to the reading list, my perception of it is that it is neither a requirement to have read it all or an exhaustive list. That said makes sense to have read/understood the key texts. Similar to yourself I have supported this with Youtube (when not procrastinating!) alongside other texts which although not listed cover the same topics and were freely available from my universities library.

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