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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by hertsmc, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. I received my letter last week for entry into the WEO branch, starting in Sept 09. So I just thought that this would be a good place to start a forum for anyone else joining up in Sept.
  2. Then why are you making a thread?

    I can't believe the April one hasn't gone yet and a September one's up. The guys complaining in the April thread will love this :lol:
  3. All I was trying to do was to create a different discussion for Sept intake.

    I am a special case ;) Just lucky I guess!
  4. Herts

    There will be more September joiners on this thread once they all have their letters, I'm sure. Give it a few weeks and I'm sure there will be others.
  5. I know, I'm just being facetious.
  6. I'm hoping to be there. Had RT's 2 weeks ago and waiting for an interview date at the moment. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!
  7. Is it actually possible to be at the RT/interview stage now and still be in with a chance of getting on to the September intake? I always thought my wait between interview and AIB, if I get that far, would be ages. And then assuming I passed AIB, I thought there would be another long wait after until my name gets picked out for BRNC?
  8. Yeah it dosen't take that long, I know people who have only had a couple of months between AIB and entry. In my case I had my AIB last Sept, but because I initially wanted AEO the only intake was Sept 09. It all depends on what branch you go for. I know that for AEO there is only 15 intakes a year and these are already filled with undergrads for Sept 09. WEO and MEO are under populated so if you are going for one of these you should hopefully be at BRNC in Sept, all going well with your AIB.

    Best bit of advice I had, for the AIB, was to enjoy yourself, and its true. I had a brilliant time, bloody scary but fun all the same. Also swat big time on the navy knowledge, easy points in the aptitude tests.
  9. There's almost 6 months till the Sept intake. Loads of time! Why should there be a long wait? It's just the same process as any other job interview. If you attend AIB at a date that is close to the beginning of BRNC and you are the best candidate and are what they are looking for, you get the job and begin training at the next earliest opportunity.
  10. I had my Sift Interview back in late January and I received my AIB date 2 weeks ago (12th May).

    So you are looking at around 3 - 4 months maximum (although possibly earlier). I think the time between Interview and AIB date, is dependant on your RT score plus how well you put yourself across in the Interview. Although I don't know this for sure.
    Hope this helps

  11. Hey, im also going in the September intake- dependent on getting the A level grades! I had my letter, a year ago so theres been loads of waiting! :( Are you going in as a middy or a sub?
  12. I'm going in as a subby, graduated 2 years ago then went traveling. Which branch are you joining?
  13. I'm aiming for the September ACLO seems to think I have enough time to just make it before the cut off date, whenever that is. So I'm just waiting for a FATs date then AIB. I'm hoping there's enough time to get in for September (and hoping I pass.....obviously...).
  14. Hey, yeah I'm just waiting for my AIB date too. If I get through that then I'll hopefully be there with you guys in September for Surface Warfare!
  15. I am going down in September as an MEO, got my letter a couple of months back.
  16. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I know I'm going to lose my status as "defender of the Noobs", that some on here believe I have, but FFS WHY? Why have a whole new thread of the same f***** stupid questions about how many f****** buttons your blazer should have (I'm amazed that that particular f***wit is allowed out of the house without a responsible adult never mind allowed to join up as one of our future leaders). Read the other thread. It was mildly amusing first time around, I'm certain it won't be when it comes around again.
  17. Now we don't have to read all the stuff, on the other thread, as we have the massive knowledge base that is tiddlyoggy. Thanks for joining us!

    So how many buttons? ;)
  18. :roll: :roll: Three of course Snotty :wink: :wink: In Royal Navy slang, midshipmen are sometimes referred to as "snotties", and a somewhat dubious legend states that the three buttons formerly on the jacket cuffs of the midshipman were placed there to prevent him wiping his nose on his sleeve :oops:
  19. Thanks very much.
    I like that term, what names do you have for a sub?
  20. Wet!!! :wink:

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