BRNC Sept 2019


We got ours about 6 weeks before the May intake!!

I am hoping to rejoin in either september or jan, I am currently at BRNC but recovering from injury!


Lantern Swinger
Hallowed gates are open to all sorts of riff raff this weekend........



I have a place for September I'm under the impression that we get info packs in august a couple weeks before start date. (not all the selection boards have taken place yet)


You’ll normally get your packs about a month to six weeks before you join, just hammer your phys and you’ll be fine, oh and bring an ironing board (I didn’t, big mistake) sale with a good iron, it’s worth spending the money for something Gucci

I was injured during training so I’m in a holdover division until September. If anyone fancies creating / being added to a September 2019 group chat send me a pm and I’ll get one going ☺️ Don’t think there is one yet as far as I’m aware?

Also, if anyone’s got any questions feel free to pm me, I’ve all the time in the world to be answering them atm

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