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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Chrismith92, May 20, 2010.

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  1. After FAT, AIB, 2 medicals and all the other associated quiz's and tests I've finally got myself a place at BRNC in September (hurrah!) but as yet I haven't been told a lot about what happens once I get there so any information regarding accommodation, my first weekend's leave, my first extended leave or anything else that you think I should know prior to turning up at the gates on September 13th would be really helpful from anybody

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Loads of threads in the Newbies section on this topic.
  3. hope this helps, should have most of your questions answered!

    And congratulations on getting a place at BRNC! What an achievement!
    Good luck with your future in the RN
  4. 'Kin'ell. You haven't joined yet and not only are you looking for weekend leave, but extended leave. The buzz on leave is as follows. Leave your civvies in your locker, you're not going anywhere.
  5. Haha, just read my post and I guess you're right!!! Don't worry, I can't wait to go to BRNC and finally start what I've been working towards for over 2 years. I was just asking because I hadn't been told anything, it's a 6 hour drive home for me so I was just interested to find out when I've got time to make the journey.
  6. Well done on getting a place!

    Leave is for a short weekend after ABLE (week 7) and after that, 3 weeks for Xmas (I think...) and 2 for Easter. You can put in request forms for weekend leave at BRNC if you have a good reason eg. wedding, funeral, depends on how decent your DO is to grant you it. Leave after ABLE is cinderella for evenings, and fri/sat is from COP to 7.30am the next day. Hope that helps!
  7. Cheers Taffy, pretty much exactly what I needed to know. I've just got my big ole pre-joining pack through so i managed to dig most of the info from there. It was somewhere between the footcare leaflet and the 22 page form!!!
  8. Hello Chris Smith

    Just thought i'd say hello as I join BRNC on the same day as yourself.

    I'm am currently a serving member in the RN, moving over to the dark side from being a PO, so if you have any questions feel free to ask.


  9. Seems like a reliable chap.


    I for one entirely trust the one post wonder.
  10. Hi Rob!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    Interesting screen name - how did you come up with it?
  11. Hello All

    It was a hard decision. I just typed my name in!

  12. Rob

    It might be worth considering changing it to something else; it's not too good to make yourself so easily identifiable.

  13. I see your point.
  14. Weddings? A good reason for leave?


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