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No, I brought him home on leave with me; I'm trying to find a number and MoD directory enquiries couldn't tell me what I wanted.....
The number you're after is 3 Alf, that's the short-sleeved day-to-day rig. Number 1 is the suit thingy, with the gold rings on the cuffs & traditionally, very few medals for Officers. Fours are just the ticket for OST, but more often seen worn by the 'council-house dwellers' without a commission.

Hope that helps in the interim & your steward is speaking to you again tomorrow.

An Officer never wears '4s'*: a Gieves tie is not only fireproof, it positively repels that red crinkly stuff towards the stoker types.

*although I note they were called 8s when I joined, you really are a rouge aren't you?!


War Hero

PM me / FB me tomorrow during the day and I can ping you the numbers you need.

Nice to see they've finally caught up with your pre IST holdover and are sending you back to complete training ;-)
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