BRNC morning routine


Lantern Swinger
Unsurprisingly, I couldn't find anything to do with this, so I'll have to ask myself; is there a set order for when you eat breakfast and brush teeth during basic training?

I'd rather not live as a heathen and brush my teeth before having breakfast, but if I have to, I can repent later.


Lantern Swinger
Wow. You’ll be glad to hear that no one keeps tabs on which order you do your ‘morning routine’. Being in the right rig and ready to go 5 mins before the evolution is what matters.

I’d concentrate on passing your AIB (do you have a date?) before worrying about trivia ;)


War Hero
Correct. Be 5 minutes early for everything was our Div CPO’s mantra.... except for your own funeral.
And you’re (theoretically at least ) going to be a DO in the future. Assuming it all goes well. In charge of sailors, that sort of thing. So don’t sweat the big stuff too early.


War Hero
Perhaps run it past the Flag Officer and his staff ?
In fact it may have been downgraded to Commodore or Captain by now. In either event I’m sure they’d be delighted to help.


War Hero
Anyway. Apologies for the cantankerous old farts reply. 38 yrs ( !!!) since I sat the AIB. Sure you’ll do just fine.
Maybe skew the emphasis a bit on the “ big picture “ stuff.
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