BRNC May 2019


Hey everyone,
Happy to say I’ve just had the go ahead for May the 13th, I’m joining up as a TMO (Training Managment Officer, so...many...acronyms.. ) did I hear of a WhatsApp group existing somewhere? It’d be nice to get to know some names before turning up on the day, best of luck to everyone still waiting on their results!
Got the call from ACLO today , not made it in on this intake with my current score.
Will have to wait for the next selection board and if not successful with that one will have to sit AIB again!

Good luck to you all !


I got the nod this week for the May intake, really excited for what lies ahead for us! PM sent to midsj09 for an invite, grateful to be added.


Thank you to all those who were assisting me in locating an OC. The matter has now been resolved. All pending enquiries by others to cease please. Best wishes to one and all! :)

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