BRNC May 2019


Hi all,

I'm currently sat in the selection pool for the May intake for BRNC, fingers crossed for some good news soon!

I was poking around the forums and couldn't seem to find any discussion for the upcoming intake.

I've started this thread to get some dialogue rolling for anyone else waiting on a verdict for the May intake, hoping it might calm the nerves a bit talking to people in a similar situation!


There is currently a WhatsApp group set up for the May intake. If you have been offered a place and would like to be added please send me a private message.
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Hi midsj09,

I'm also hoping to be selected for the May intake. I emailed my ACLO recently who told me that selection is on the 25th of March.

He was also able to phone AIB and give me an indication of my chances of being selected - where I am in the pool of applicants. So might be worth contacting your ACLO if you want to find out.

What role have you applied for?


Hi all,

I have just received a call from my ACLO who told me I have been selected for May entry, very happy!!

What have you guys applied for? Hope selection goes well for you!


I'm going for pilot!

Just phoned up my ACLO who's told me he's recieved the list for the May intake but due to not being at the office currently he's unable to look at it. Seems like I'll be waiting until tomorrow morning to hear the verdict!

Congratulations on the good news auto23! Did they give you any indication on a specific start date?


Hi guys, just found this post, I have been selected for pilot for the May 2019 intake, I'll guess I'll be seeing you lot there aswell!
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