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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by T-W-C, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've just passed AIB and was told that, subject to the deliberations of the Selection Board, I was likely to be in the May 2017 intake.

    Thought I'd start a thread so anyone visiting the forum looking at being on this intake can pop in and say hi!


    I've set up a WhatsApp group for all those who have been successful in being selected for the May intake. Please send me a PM with your mobile number and first name if you want to be added!

    Current known intake:

    Bill6001 - WEO
    Cadet24 - WEO
    DrumRoll - Logs
    Forum Phantom - TMO
    Harry Von - X
    Kiva21 - X
    Leeroyjenkings - X
    LHoodlum - ATC
    Norbastard90s - X(SM)
    Quakeroats - X
    Quantumtheory -X
    Tingle - X
    TWC - X(SM)
    UpTheLadder - X
    YshireWren - Logs

    Waiting to hear from:
    Young92 - TMO
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  2. Well done. I just passed SIFT and am now waiting for an AIB date - but it's been suggested that if I pass AIB, I could be in the May intake.
  3. Gratz on the pass, and best of luck with the AIB - keep us posted!
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  4. Hi T-W-C,

    Can I just ask a quick question, as I'm currently waiting to sit my SIFT late next week, what waiting time did you have between passing your SIFT and undertaking AIB? I just want to get a rough idea of, if I'm successful, which intake I could potentially be looking at.

    Cheers, NB
  5. Hi NB,

    I had to wait about 2 months between SIFT and AIB. I can't say whether that is above or below the norm.

    The selection board for May meets in mid-March, so I'd say you'd be more likely to be in the intake after me (September, I think?).

    Best of luck with the SIFT!
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  6. Cheers for the info TWC! Two months sounds pretty reasonable, I was thinking it might be at least a month's wait.

    Brill, was hoping for September at the earliest! Just out of interest what branch are you going in for? X(SM) here.

    Thank you very much! Quite looking forward to getting all this Navy knowledge off my chest at SIFT :)
  7. I'm in for X(SM) too - keep me posted with how you get on, I'm sure our paths will cross plenty over the next few years!
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  8. Ideal! Glad to meet a fellow hopeful Submariner. I will indeed, let me know how you get on at BRNC (if you get the chance!) I'm very sure they will indeed!

    Best of luck at Dartmouth!
  9. Hi T-W-C and everyone else. I'm ready to join BRNC in June as part of my RFA training, so I expect I will see you there... for the last few weeks of your course, anyway.
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  10. Hi T-W-C and everyone else. I have my triage medial call on Wednesday. It's been about 2 weeks since I sent my medical questionnaire back to the AFCO so it's been quite a quick turn around from Capita. Which, by the sound of some of the threads on this website, seems quite rare. With this in mind and the fact that during the immediate interview I had with my ACLO following the RT in mid December he seemed quite confident that if all goes smoothly, I should be able to get on the May intake at BRNC.

    From what's been said on this thread that seems unlikely. However, being an optimistic guy I've still got my fingers crossed for making the May intake. Following this, I was hoping you could give me some insight into how long I should expect to wait between the triage call I'm due to have on Wednesday and the SIFT interview, providing all goes smoothly with the medical?

    I'm aware these things are hard to second guess and that everyone's selection process can vary, but it would be helpful to hear your and everyone else's experience with this part of selection.

    Realistically, I probably need to come to terms with the fact that I'll likely be looking at the September intake. Despite this, it's still good to interact with fellow candidates going through selection at the same time. Any advice for speeding up the process is welcomed. Best of luck to everyone at various stages of their selection.

    Many thanks, JM94.
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  11. Hi JammyManny94,

    My own recruitment process has been quite different from some in that I contested a PMU decision (which I thankfully won as the circumstances were ****), but here's a timeline of what I've been through so far if it helps:

    February 2016 - Initial application
    March 2016 - RT
    April 2016 - Eye Test & Medical (Failed due to paperwork from a muscular injury I suffered incorrectly stating the condition was chronic)
    April - Mid October 2016 - Appeal Process, took longer as I had moved counties between the injury happening three years ago and applying for the RN
    Late November 2016 - PJFT (Passed this in 10 minutes so not too shabby so far)
    January 2017 - I have my SIFT interview coming up next Thursday the 12th, and will be waiting roughly one to two months after that to sit my AIB if I pass SIFT and get a date

    As you can see, if I hadn't had to appeal I would most likely have been joining BRNC in the intake that started this month (all being well), however I am now optimistic for the September entry this year.

    As you are still waiting to have your medical triage call (I didn't have one of these... I assume it is prior to your medical appointment at your AFCO?) then you still have that, your PJFT, SIFT, and then AIB to undertake before you get put in for selection. All being well, I would put my money on you getting in to the September entry this year as well! Purely because, as TWC stated earlier in this thread, the Selection Board for the May intake is meeting in two months so it's unlikely either of us will get in for May unless some divine intervention happens :eek:

    Btw, what branch are you going for JM94?

    All the best mate,

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  12. Hi NB. Cheers for the quick response. Good to hear that your appeal went well, it's a shame that it delayed your application.

    Yeah, it's a medical consultation over the phone that Capita do. From there I will go onto have my medical which the AFCO should organise following the outcome of the triage. Hopefully they don't sit on their hands with getting it organised. With the PJFT did you have to organise that yourself? There was nothing relating to it in the pack I got from my ACLO following the RT and I haven't heard anything about it yet.

    I've applied for Aircrew as an Observer, so I'll also have to complete the flying aptitude tests inbetween SIFT and AIB. Im also really interested in the warfare branch too, so it's likely that I'll go down that path if I don't pass the FATs. All in all though, you're probably right in saying that we're looking at the September intake. It's just a bit irritating to have to wait so long when you're itching to get started.

    How about yourself, what have you applied for?

    All the best mate. JM94
  13. Hi JM94,

    No problem, aye it was a ball ache but glad to be back on track.

    You should be alright getting your medical sorted, they were pretty sharpish at my AFCO about getting us all in for that and I've heard similar from other applicants.

    With the PJFT you will be sent some paperwork after you pass your medical which yes, does include phone numbers for your nearest Nuffield Health centres, so you will have to ring them and arrange - if you want to speed your application process up a bit I would recommend being ready to take the earliest appointment possible like I did (4 days after ringing them). PJFT is p*** easy if you've been eating right and running at least 4 days a week.

    Ahh fair enough mate nice one! A friend of mine wants to go down the FAA route, it all looks very interesting. Good luck with your FATs. Good that you have a backup though JIC, what area of Warfare would you consider?

    It is pretty irritating, but it will be worth the wait I promise! I'm pretty stoked for it.

    I'm going for Warfare Submariner, some say we're mad but I think the challenge and work is all worth it.

    Cheers mate, all the best,

  14. Hi NB.

    Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long then. I had presumed that would be the case but it's good to have had it confirmed. Yeah I've been training quite hard for a while now so I'm pretty much ready to take the PJFT as soon as I can.

    Yeah it's definitely very interesting. The FATs are also very challenging though, so I'm approaching them with a realistic attitude. Prep as hard as I can and just see what happens. I think the warfare path seems equally as interesting as well to be honest. I like the navigation side of things and I also think the flight control stuff seem exciting. I think the overall long term goal would be to command my own ship though, so I'd need to look into that side of things a bit more. Admittedly though, my knowledge of everything feels quite broad at the moment. I need to spend a bit of time consolidating everything as there's a lot to remember.

    Yeah, definitely worth the wait. Can't wait to crack on though and get stuck in.

    That's very cool mate. Full respect to all the submariners out there. I'll admit that I've entertained the thought, but I don't think I'd cope very well in those surroundings.

    Anyway, good luck with the rest of selection. Feel free to drop me a line whenever. You never know, all going well we might both be at BRNC in September.

    All the best. JM94
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  15. Hey all!

    Passed my AIB yesterday and was told I could be strongly optimistic about a May entry providing there aren't a high number of exceptional applications between now and the selection board in March.

    Just a heads up,from taking the the medical slowed me down significantly. Even though everything went through smoothly capita are quite frankly useless. The best advice I can give is repeatedly bug them. Mine took 4 months to process and the majority of that hold up was Capita refusing to pay my GP for my records. All in all the process has taken me approx 9 months.
    Best wishes and good luck!
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  16. Congratulations on the AIB pass! Enjoy the buzz that'll probably be hanging over you the next few weeks :p

    What branch have you applied for? I look forward to hopefully seeing you in May!
  17. Thanks!
    Almost wished I'd passed a little later.. I'm already wishing I could just be at BRNC already!

    I'm applying for warfare officer. Although my AFCO and board president have both been heavily pushing me to go for submariner I'm going to reserve judgement on it until I fully understand what I'm signing up for.

    Hopefully see you there and good luck in the March selection!
  18. Good plan. It is very easy to move from General Service to Submarines while the opposite journey can be tricky.
  19. GDW

    GDW Midshipman

    Got given date for my 2nd AIB today, taking it in late Feb. Do NOT want to miss out on BRNC in May, civvie life is wearing on me a tad now
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  20. GDW,

    I'm waiting for dates for my AIB, ACLO mentioned potentially late Feb too as passed my SIFT last week. I'll keep you posted if I get dates for around that time?

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