BRNC May 2016


Selection board is the 18th of March, and it's in early May. I'm not sure if it's a Persec breach to say exactly when though...


Oooh wow, best of luck to him. I think a bloke at my unit has his then, I'll try to find out for you. It'd be nice to get them in contact beforehand! Do let me know how he gets on, I'm hopefully getting on the May intake so I'd love to have a chat. ☺️
cagey1953 how did your son get on?
I passed my AIB back at the start of December, I was told at the time my results are held until May at the latest.
Its a long old wait...
Excellent news he is guaranteed a start. Iv'e applied for RFA & I think the selection process is slightly different.
...keeping my fingers crossed for another couple of weeks anyway!
Got the news yesterday I'm on the May intake. Never felt so relieved!

I'm going in as TM. Would be good to hear from any others on the intake.
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Hi Slopey! I'm going in May too, as is my oppo (both warfairies). I literally screamed down the phone a little bit when my ACLO told me. Oops.

Cagey, have you heard about your son yet?
Nice one, Bob! At least you found out though, imagine not knowing until you got the joining instructions!
What are everyone's PT levels like? Apparently that and Rules of the Road are what we should be working on right now!
Run's solid enough - nudging 10 - everything else is a bit ropey. Overoptimistic comments removed!

Imagine Rules of the Road apply more to warfare than to other branches?
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Fair point - was meant more in the light of "able to run but not do very much else" - kindly leave me to my delusions of not being a total biff!

Edit: @alfred_the_great, should everyone be looking to read up on Rules of the Road? It's something I'd not given any consideration at all.
Rules 1-19 verbatim, working knowledge of the rest (for all branches). Unless things have changed dramatically (a real risk with BRNC), there are multiple RoR exams throughout.

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