BRNC May 2015 Intake

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Saunj008, Jan 25, 2015.

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  1. In the spirit of Booners' thread, I thought I would start off one for May entry to BRNC. I received an offer early December which I assume is quite early, but it would be good to hear from anyone else who has been given the go ahead or is hoping to be there in May!

    I will be joining the Weapon Engineering Branch and hope to get my joining instructions in March. Anyone else yet? Surely it will be the best time of the year for ABLE?!
  2. Nah, our intake will be the best for ABLE, not to hot, not to cold. ;).

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  3. Is there ever a time when Dartmoor can be referred to as 'hot'? :p
  4. Probably not aha.

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  5. Does anyone know when the selection board for the May intake sits? I know my ACLO said it is at the start of March but does anyone know the definite date?
  6. Start of March sounds about right as I was told I would receive joining instructions by mid march. Not sure on exact dates though...
  7. Selection board is 12 March, just confirmed it. My AIB is 10-11 March so I am just inside that so fingers crossed, I'll be joining you guys in May!
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  8. Ah right, they seem to vary a lot in time before entry date, which is 4th May so only 7.5 weeks before... Good luck, what branch are you going for?
  9. I only had my final appointment letter last week and I start at BRNC on the 9th of Feb, the navy are definitely last minute to say the least aha. Good luck.

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  10. Damn, not particularly handy when you have a 1 month notice period!
  11. I have a two week notice period and found out 16 days before I needed to leave. 2 days before I had to hand in my notice. It is rather annoying to be honest. I know a guy who had to hand in his notice hoping he was going to be selected.

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  12. Thanks and yeah I know! Pretty last minute and Warfare!
  13. Hullo all,

    This thread caused me to create this account! I passed AIB back in early December and got a letter saying " should be confident of a place in May" - but I won't find out until the selection board in March. Such a pain in the neck!

    Also going Weapons Engineer, I am reliably informed they drink lots of tea. Can't wait!
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  14. Yay, it's nice to finally meet another weapon engineer, good luck! Think the reason I have already found out is because my AIB was Nov so was considered in the selection board at the end of Nov.
  15. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I must confess to ringing the AFCO in a panic after reading your post wondering if I hadn't made it...!

    All about the WE master race.
  16. Cor, my sift interview for WEO is this week. I take it this means if I don't get my AIB in the next couple of weeks I'll have to wait until September before I'm called up (assuming all goes well)? I guess it means I'll have an opportunity to do a spot of travelling or whatnot.
  17. The selection board for May is half way through March so as long as it falls in Feb or week 1 March I think you'll be ok.

    Also the Navy are desperate for WEOs so they'll probably let you through, god knows I think that's how I in.
  18. I had my SIFT nearly two weeks ago, was told there were booking AIB's for the end of March so I'd miss the May entry, got an email last week saying I have my AIB 1 day before the selection board meet for May. So I wouldn't write it off, especially if they're desperate for WEO's but just something to bear in mind.
  19. Plenty of time for you to prepare for the AIB essay and learn the correct use of apostrophes. Here's a clue; just because it's an abbreviation and plural does not mean you use one.
  20. I leave for my BRNC on may the 24th anyone eles?

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