BRNC May 2014 entry? (observe PERSEC!)

I think I am there with the kit, I went on a shopping spree a couple of days ago. I only have a couple of things left to get. No doubt I will have missed something.

Have you had long to prepare? How long ago was your AIB?

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I've got a great idea; exchange telephone numbers and discuss your shopping lists etc over the phone, rather than treat this site like a chatroom.

(In addition to the above, do have fun and good luck at Dartmouth)
I do apologise, I am new to this but I think I have got it now - if I want to reply to a thread I am to message the complete stranger that started it and give them my phone number.


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January, so had a few months. I did the same, been more concerned with phys than kit though.

Pontius- The idea was to open up to any other new joiners, that objective would be defeated if we moved to a less public communication medium. We will be out of your hair soon though. No doubt too low on time to use chatrooms. =-)
9zero and Waffle ....don't be cheeky to Officers ,it will damage your career prospects at BRNC, just stick to beating your fag and steward :|
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