Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bevhawk, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Hi - first post on here.

    I am currently at BRNC and we are just about to embark on our IFT.

    We completed MARL a few weeks ago and that is what my question is about.

    When we began in May we had 18 people in our division and we kept everyone through Militarisation - we were the best division physically and our academic marks were among the best.

    After a very wet ABLE we, unfortunately, lost a few good people to Conqueror with some key colleagues deciding that they were going to leave and we missed them as they were very good guys who got a bad deal from some colleagues who should have done better when asked to during certain PLTs.

    At the end of MARL we were further reduced to a division of 6 - is that a normal number to have at this stage? We have been talking about it and feel that the reorganisation of the order of activities in the new timetable may have led to this?

    The people we have lost from ABLE onwards have been no worse than most of those (across the whole intake) who have survived this far.

    It would be good to hear your opinions.
  2. That your PERSEC is pretty poor?

    People failing is the way it goes - people have bad days, bad assessors and bad oppos. Just be grateful you survived (and hope that the BRNC Staff aren't reading this thread.....).
  3. Why are you posting this?
    It seems Dartmouth no longer teaches the importance of security or decency.
    A 67% fail rate is in no means normal. You just need to crunch a few numbers to see that is not sustainable in the RN. You may even want to open your eyes and look at the other 'inferior' divisions at the College who have, I am assuming, not lost anywhere near that number of cadets.
    It may be an idea, and probably one to square away before going to sea, to ask yourself why so many are leaving you division. You seem to be apportioning a fair bit of blame on "certain individuals" for other people's failures. Is this really the case? And is just blind criticism really the best way to deal with the failings?
    The RN is a team; one that needs to pull together in the hardest of times when shit happens miles from help. We also need to be able to get on with one another during the desperately mundane and boring times too.

    You need to stop finding excuses as to why your division is falling apart and take a look inwards to see how you can pull together to get through the final stages of IOT. A division, or ship, of individuals will not work or survive. It sounds as though you have a lot of work to do, and a hard job, to get the Scroll and to your Passing Out Ceremony.
  4. 0938 - I would imagine that by now there is a queue of 6 standing outside one or other of the SSO's cabins in D Block, eyeing each other nervously, and waiting for a nice little one to one chat....
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  5. Time & place.
  6. How's that? How could anyone work out who Bev Hawk is?
  7. I've not posted here in an awful long while, having posted dross before I was educated by the Navy. But you can be safe in the knowledge that anywhere in the RN with a failure rate like that will be looked at for reasons why. The RN is investing across training establishments (and into the Fleet) to ensure that we have the correct structures and training to ensure that if you meet the standard you get through. I've no doubt that the staff at the College will be reporting to the Captain to explain such a result. We are moving/have moved away from the culture of failing people because they were not liked by the staff, and ensuring that everything is accountable. We cannot afford to chop people at that rate having trained them for over 6 months already, we are lean manned and I've no doubt that the manning pipelines go as far to the recruitment stage to ensure this lean machine keeps moving.
  8. Bite shield off - I don't know, find the post MARL div that's down to 6 people and start from there....?
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Or you could extend both names and try facebook
  10. I was told of a suggestion put forward many moons ago, after a wastage study on recruit/training, there was the threat/thought process that sacking the TT's at CTCRM and replacing them with TT's from HMS Raleigh would bring the CTC wastage rate alongside that of Raleigh. Maybe a BRNC/RMAS is in order?=D
  11. It was sarcasm. Or have I bitten?

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