BRNC Leave


I'm due to join Dartmouth in Feb and was hoping someone could enlighten me about the amount of leave i can expect. It mentions in the info ive been given that 4 weeks are given at both easter and summer, 2 weeks at xmas. Is this accurate? Also, it says that these holiday periods are taken after 2 terms, ie 14 weeks after feb 19th for easter?!?

My girlfriend is moving back to australia for my year at dartmouth and is anxious to get some idea of when/how long i can visit for....! Cheers.


I hate to ruin your day but... Dont count on definate leave during your time at BRNC. Yes your correct about the holiday periods but they like to send you on AT during this time so you cant guarantee that time off plus they may also spring stuff on you at short notice. Your best bet is to wait till you get there and speak to your Divisional officer, he should be able to give you more guidance on this.

You wont know for sure until you get there. but it also depends on your family circumstances

hope this is of some help?


Yeah thanks Benjy, I thought that might be the case...I guess I could always try and persuade them I would do adventurous training in oz - getting a sub aqua qualification during my time over there or something? (she lives on the gold coast!!).


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Easter leave in April for two weeks.

Also beware that you have to do some adventurous training during leave (I think it's two weeks over the period you are at BRNC - nicely spread out if you're X branch, but a squeeze if you're Engineering!).