BRNC June 2016

Discussion in 'RFA' started by tree_doctor, May 25, 2015.

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  1. Hey all, after passing AIB (Deck Cadet) at the end of April it was suggested that I'd be attending BRNC in October, and possibly May (this month). However, I was emailed by recruiting and informed that I would not be starting until May of next year (2016), and when I received my provisional offer it gave my start date as June 16th 2016. I have been advised that BRNC are changing course dates, and that they have over recruited this year, hence the start date. Now this isn't really an issue, since I have a job abroad sorted for this coming year, but I was surprised to find that communications and engineering cadets on my AIB have been starting as early as this month, whilst deckies are presumably being put off for the forseeable future. Is this normal? I find it hard to believe that the RFA have overrecruited this much!
  2. And so it begins...
  3. No-one have any ideas.......?
  4. I understand they are short of engineers, so could possibly be a reason for earlier start dates?
  5. I'm inclined to believe that's the case, they must be well short of engineers! I'm hoping for a February entry atm since I'm basically just waiting on security clearance atm. If not its going to be a long year doing jobs that I hate!
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  6. I have my AIB in October for Logistics officer and was told that if I was successful I would start BRNC in February 2016.
  7. That's encouraging to hear! Guess I'd better just hang on for my clearance and see what happens.

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