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BRNC Joining questions


Hi all started packing in earnest now, so another question has come up. Personal medicines, nothing major I'm thinking some strepsils(sore throats lozenges) and ibuprofen.

Is it allowed to have a few of these in my personnel kit to deal with the aches and pains I'm sure will pop up in my first few weeks?

I know the sickbay is there for dealing with anything approaching serious but would like to avoid running off to them for an odd paracetamol if at all possible.

Also Chris if you bring a travel guitar, I can take no responsibility for my actions after about two weeks :p
ml2sjw said:
Also Chris if you bring a travel guitar, I can take no responsibility for my actions after about two weeks :p

Ha ha, don't worry i was planning on finding somewhere away from everyone else anyway!!

As for personal medical kit, i'm thinking of taking the same as you as well as some pro-plus. Should think the shop on base has most of what we'll need though.


letthecatoutofthebag said:
ml2sjw said:
letthecatoutofthebag said:
I'd also reccommend a pencil Maglite torch with a blue filter for map reading at night.
away already.


Good luck!

Thanks, A penlight of some description was something on my list of things to take that i forgot t put on the list. One thing thought it was a red filter on torches to prevent loss of vision, or does it not really matter as long as you have a filter in one of the primary colors on it? As i'm looking at a some of the new LED ones that come in a variety of colors as my old one had an unfortunate Uni related incident that made it unusable...

The closer the filter is to the red end of the spectrum the less the light will affect your night vision. However, the contour lines are orange on OS Maps, so they won't show up if you use a red filter. Similarly, if you use green you won't see woodland. If you use blue you won't see water, but there's not much water on Dartmoor and what there is is pretty obvious. Check out this map to see some of the areas you will stomping around. Blue will affect your vision the most but at least you will be able to pick routes that aren't sheer cliffs.

IMHO (and experience), on Dartmoor the thing you would like to see most on the map is water!!! Even after a relatively damp spell of weather, the babbling brook that appears on the map can be a raging torrent that can be DANGEROUS to try and cross. Bogs are also marked on the map with blue symbols, just try crossing one in the daytime let alone at night.
Try taking filters of all three colours which certain maglites come supplied with relatively cheaply! That way all your bases are covered and you can check your map against the terrain depending on what you are looking for at the time.


Good point, My weekend spent hill walking in the beacons, taught me that i really don't like bogs, particularly when they are on top of a mountain(ok well a plateau at the top of a hill) where they have no right to be :p

On another note I'm starting on Monday have just had my last lie in for a very long time and its all hands to panic stations for me !


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Given the fact that you are joining at this time of the year, you won't be doing much route work in the dark.

Unless its as hot as last year when the Heat Stress Index meant that you had to take a break during the day and start again in the evening.


True, sadly nothing in the world is solved by a good panic, if it were it would be a far better place :p Still with my bags packed, everything triple checked not much else left to do :p Certainly its to late to do much else. Apart from kick back in the sunshine light the bbq and enjoy my last beer for a while.

Oh and for those of you who have read my posts in the past will understand, recheck my essays for the 1000 time


Make sure you take a decent liner for your rucksack. I recommend the Canoe bags from Ortlieb as they're pretty tough going and a large one will cost you about £25, money well spent compared to how much a normal one would cost you!

Leathermans or Gerbers are useful with all the extra tools, but 9 times out of 10 u won't need them all! a simple lock knife is usually enough. Don't bother with zippos, one of those proper propane turbo windproof ones are better - best to take a few cheap 50p ones too as insurance.

For those of you who aren't experienced walkers, visit your nearest outdoors shop and invest in some liner socks - by wearing proper liner socks and using the 2-sock layer, your feet will be less likely to suffer from blisters! As for you outer socks, thick posh ones like bridgedale summits (gore-tex) are nice but pussers are sufficient.

Thing i found with the mini mag-lites is the LED variants are better, but they cost £40! It'd be £10 cheaper to buy and old-style one at £20 and buy the LED upgrade that costs £10.

You can honestly do without your laptop first phase, but it is your choice! Defo remember your camera!! I still laugh at all the hilarious pics I have.


War Hero
Save money and buy Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks from B&Q, cheap and as good as any fancy rubbish from outdoor stores. You buy a roll, few for you and then sell/loan out to the ones who don't have them.

Filters. Blue filter. Night vision thing is rubbish. One person uses the torch to read map, called the map reader. Others, especially the point man, covers eyes so no loss of night vision in group. Then spend next 5 mins telling the map reader "Watch out! Bear!" Always a winner. When route planning dotted lines in black around water will then show up at night. That said with 10 Cadets bimbling around the moors no matter how hard you read the map you will find water. FACT!

IPod, up to you. But instead of sitting listening to music on your own try sitting around with your fellow lifers and chat, dit on and get to know each other. Small radio good idea.

And you are doing ACE not Commando Course. Don't sweat it. You can get by with decent socks, talc powder and that foot powder stuff. Simple lock blade or multi tool. I favour multi tool as you end up using it for essentials like opening bottles, unscrewing stuff to see how it works etc.

But having done a bit of time out on the hills trust me on this one. At night before you go to bed treat your feet. Off with the socks, rub the feet give them some life and use foot powder to treat them. New socks and you will feel the world is at ease. Look after your feet and they look after you. Applies in the college as well when breaking in your boots.

All comes with the caveat that I passed through the college 90/91 so things have changed. Like the internet and mobiles, Battledress, stiff collars and obviously all the youth of today are nothing like us, barhhhh Bloody YOs, all that noise and laughter.

Yours Old Fart Two and Half.
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