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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ml2sjw, May 6, 2007.

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  1. Well with my joining date fast approaching i have now got my joining instructions and have spent a thrilling morning filling in paper work.....

    Anyway couple of questions on the kit to bring, I will be rining up to ask these questions anyway but thought i would start her to see if anyone knows the answer

    1) Watertight plastic bags. I assume they mean the plastic ziplock type bags Now my best guess is these are for storing my kit in when off on the wilds of Dartmoor or similar. Am i correct? How many should i take with me to start with and what mix of sizes would you suggest i get? eg 3 large 2 medium 6 small etc

    2) Civilian clothing
    , all pretty straight forward and easy enough my only real question is on the luggage front, is it stored separately from your sleeping quarters for the militarization stage of training? My plan is to jackets etc put it all in my suit carrier with other things going in my hold all But this may need revision if civilian clothing is stored beside during militarization

    3)Extra bits and bobs,
    now i know the standard reply to this si if it is on the list bring it if not don't but a few bits i am thinking of taking as general utility items are a penknife, lighter(not a smoker myself but a source of fire can come in handy) and alarm clock(doubt it will be needed but still) and possibly a travel radio. Anything on this list a definite no go?

    4)Laptop guidance notes say you can bring one. I have one but my question is is it worth bringing with for for the start or is it better left at home for the militarization phase and brought up for the later stages such as the academic terms? I favor the latter because i don't see me having much need of a laptop during the militarization phase.

    thanks in advance guys

  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    1. Those are the sort of bags they mean - sealable freezer bags are just as good and cost peanuts from a supermarket. Get a packet of each and you will be best buddies with your mess mates after the fieldcraft lecture from the booties.

    2. Civilian clothes are stored seperately - be really restrictive, you won't need civilian clothes for the first 7 weeks and then you will have a long weekend between that and phase II. Having said that in my time (18 months ago) you did get out on the Divex weekend....

    3. Alarm clock good idea. Penknife and lighter are ok - but bear in mind you will be going onto the moor all at a similar standard, so if there is too much flashy gear - it will be noticed. If you are going for a lighter then I would recommend one of those propane jobbies - very effective for lighting hexi blocks.

    4. You are correct in your laptop assumptions - leave it at home for later.

    Don't waste your and the College staff's time with phone calls - the list is put together for a reason..... and you can always ask us...
  3. So the GPS is a no then :lol: seriously thanks for the help silver fox. Penknife and lighter are mainly due to advice from the guys i currently work with, all ex army Navy and air force EOD. Who have drummed into me the importance of always having access to both a sharp blade and a source of fire. That said they are also trying to convince me i need a tattoo of my blood group on my person, "just in case"... :? Both are sufficiently lived in that i won't get picked up for having masses of gucci kit, unless of course they read rum ration and work out who i am 8O in which case i'm screwed

    Civilian clothes the plan is to take what i wear to arrive at BRNC, in plus a spare shirt and tie, 2 polo shirts and a jumper all of which comfortably fit in my suit carrier the rest i can bring back with me after the long weekend. Should cover me for most eventualities

    Other than that I'm pretty squared away, For the moment anyway.

    Edit Thought of one more question, Do we get a haircut on arrival, been trying to work it out from the photos most of the guys have the same close hair cut but one or two have longer hair. Just wondering as it will affect how short my hair is cut when i turn up to BRNC, Don't worry hair will be of a sensible length "neither to long or to short", in either case

    Thanks Again
  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    you will be programmed into the barber - whether you think you need to go or not...... lol
  5. Thanks, A penlight of some description was something on my list of things to take that i forgot t put on the list. One thing thought it was a red filter on torches to prevent loss of vision, or does it not really matter as long as you have a filter in one of the primary colors on it? As i'm looking at a some of the new LED ones that come in a variety of colors as my old one had an unfortunate Uni related incident that made it unusable...
  6. ML2,

    Its been 19 years since I was at BRNC but I remember we did store our civvy kit in the same locker as the uniform. I'm not sure how difficult 'rounds' are now but the majority of guys with cars bought a second set of kit which they kept there to use on a daily basis and left the rest in their drawers so it never moved and always looked good when the cabins were inspected! I remember the drawers had to be subdivided into 4 so your PT shirts and shorts etc had to be ironed into the exact space of a 1/4. The only way to get round this was to get 4 bits of cardboard and iron your kit into them. Quite bizarre really but at the time it seemed to make sense!
    The zip-loc freezer bags are just brilliant, but some may split so make sure to take more than you need. Good luck and make sure you pack a sense of humour and a bullshit deflector.
  7. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Just to avoid confusion - you are not allowed a car until you are a Senior, and whilst you are undergoing the first phase you are not allowed civilian kit in your locker. Your proposed civvy wardrobe will do you fine. You will get stacks of guidance as to how to sort your kit, including the services of a Sea Dad - or even Mum....
  8. That sounds about right. The only occassions you'll need civvy clothes during phase one is for DIVEX and in your last week (wk 7) when you get cinderella leave, in which your division should organise a social in town. We were allowed to put some civvy stuff in our cupboards after SSO rounds at the end of week three - but it had to be up to rounds standard along with the issued kit.

    Pen-knife and lighter will be essential on Dartmoor. Leatherman's seem popular, but I went with a trusty old Swiss. Radio can be nice in the evenings to bring in a little normality as you do your ironing.

    Laptop. Tricky one. Computers are available (with internet), the question is whether you're a DVD lover. They are not necessary for phase one, so go with your instinct (plus they take up tons of personal drawer space!).
  9. Sounds good, on the "utility tool" front, for me the only advantage of the leatherman is the pliers, if your not going to use them then they are just extra weight plus i prefer the swiss for other non logical reasons. Unless someone is going to convince me that i will need pliers on Dartmoor.

    Sadly the don't make the swiss army knife with the built in butane lighter any more as that would have been ideal for Dartmoor. I assume a zippo will be able to light most things i will need to set fire to, am i correct or will heavier fire power be required?

    Also on the torch front, How much night time map reading can i expect? Its just a case of how durable a filter i get (i.e if i go for the blue peter solution or spend money on a filter) Or even if i can get away with just closing one eye, and having young eyes which still work...
  10. A Leatherman or Gerber is handy, but when I was at D'mouth I just used a straightforward lock-knife. To put needing pliers in context, one of my syndicate had his issued pack fall apart and we needed to fix it enough that it survived until the end of that day, along with re-distributing some of his kit. One of the syndicate did have a multi-tool of some kind and it was used. It may be that the kit is better quality nowadays.

    Butane isn't really man enough to ignite hexe, so getting one of the propane high intensity ones will prove handy.
  11. As i said i have been hanging around with EOD guys for to long now, so the plan is to take a spyderco locking blade, plus a swiss army knife for its tools and for day to day stuff where the spyderco is overkill. I'm thinking this one

    due to it covering a lot of bases acting as a backup for my alarm, torch etc Should provide me with all the tools i need for doing most tasks that i can foresee

    Anyone know of any good brands of propane lighters? as they aren't somthing i have experence with. Also will the 1300C flame of a propane lighter really not cut it?
  12. ok no offence but those seem like over kill to me, as well as being a bit bulky to carry.
  13. I use mini stuff sacks which are available in Blacks or Kahtmandu - made of mesh, tougher than freezer bags and I keep ratpacks in one and wash kit in the other - makes packing the bergen easier as it goes into one bag, which you dump in your bergen - much better at night for findiung stuff in the dark
  14. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  15. Hi Simon,

    I'm glad you have started this thread, i'm trying to sort my kit out for June entry, the same as yourself i assume?

    From the people i've spoken to minimum civi clothes are required for phase 1 and much of the kit on the list given in the pre-joining pack is more for the later phases.

    I'm planning on taking:
    *10ltr waterproof stuff sack
    *Swiss Army knife
    *Storm lighter
    *2x light weight walking socks
    *full set of thermals (may need for ACE and usefull for IST etc..)
    *lightweight head torch (+ red/blue filters with tape!)
    *my ipod!
    *laptop, as it's my oversized spell checker!
    *decent iron

    Thats about all the extra bits i think may be of some use.
    I'm toying with the idea of taking a travel guitar for a bit of escapism! Although i'm not sure if i'll get anytime to play it?

    Catch you down there matey,
  16. Careful you don`t get your I Pod nicked, it`s happened before, and he was a Junior Rate.
  17. I would be surprised if you had room to store such an item.
  18. I'd suggest more than two

    Unlikely to be needed on ACE (As I recall that's the rebadged PLX), and it depends on where IST goes, you'll be in a ship after all!

    You may have heard of this cunning idea called a dictionary? It's cheaper and lighter than a laptop, and doesn't take time to flash up.
  19. Ahhhh, forgotton those days, 101 uses for a square of cardboard, running out to the car in the morning for the old kit, hoovering the dust off the kit in the drawers which was never used, shouting at our international friends who insisted on having a shower just before rounds, getting the correct creases in your battledress jacket (incidently given to my cousin as she thought it was extremely fashionable - sad but true) the feeling things just may have changed since then!

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