BRNC January 2010

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by TimeToJoinUp, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. I did a quick search and couldn't find another topic on this, but feel free to delete this if it's a duplicate.

    I just got a call today informing me that I'll be in the January intake. Anyone else here expecting to be there then?

    It was quite a shock for me because I thought the two available intakes for my branch were just April and September. Just goes to show, you can't trust what you read here. ;) Lesson learned.
  2. The warning is here

    The overall problem is that the advice offered on this website can in no way be proclaimed official, only someones' interpretation of the rules or worse, someone's personal opinion. Your Careers Adviser or Careers Liaison Officer are the only persons qualified to give you the correct advice.

    All there in black and white you retard :roll: :roll:
  3. erm... quite.
  4. He's not complaining and I think the wink emoticon indicates he wasn't being fully serious?
  5. That's generally what it means, but who am I to argue, I'm the retard. ;)
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Why post it then? Pointless posts belong in the gash barge.
  8. The thread is bordering on pointless now with your idle contributions, but if you'd take the time to read it my question was about others attending BRNC. Now, do us a favour....
  9. He's posting a thread for the January intake of BRNC. Similar to all the others that have been made on RR. It was a passing comment, so why not leave it at that?
  10. Must remember to read it properly sorry I am in kill mode today.
  11. Bayonet drills for that man.
  12. Is that you on the right Tim ???with your head cocked sideways :wink: :wink: :wink:
  13. It's about as close as Tim'll get to a bird ;)
  14. Thats naughty of you Young SIR :roll:
  15. I might be, but its more likely i'll be going in in April.

    What branch are you joining?
  16. Got my letter last week confirming my starting in January, congrats and hope you're as ecstatic as i am, now the hard work starts.

    Was also tempted to start a thread like this a few days ago but seeing the anger previous threads provoked, i instead decided to go and make a sandwich, and im very happy with my choice........... :p
  17. I can't wait for this thread to unfold. It will establish the following:

    1. There is a course for officer cadets starting at BRNC Dartmouth in January.
    2. Some people have been invited to attend. Some who were hoping to be invited have not been, but may be in the future.
    3. There is a list of things you have to take with you, which is either accurate or of no value. Since one of those answers is unlikely, it must be the other.
    4. Ironing boards are used a lot, and some people will take their own. Maybe a cover will suffice.
    5. Cars are not allowed.
    6. Some people can't spell or punctuate, others can. This is not dependent on whether they have a degree or not.
    7. It doesn't matter how many buttons your blazer has on the front. Really, it doesn't.
    8. Other things that only a total retard would feel the need to ask.
    9. You probably can't have shore leave in the first week.
    10. That's all. If having exhausted 8 above you still can't think of any bone questions on this topic, but want to ask something anyway (if only to publicise that you've passed AIB), see the 'September' or 'April' 2009 threads on this same topic and start writing.

  18. Will there be the option of joining the tiddlywinks team while at BRNC?
  19. They're excited!

    It gives people a chance to find out who will be joining them come January, I don't see the big problem with these threads. Sure they're repetive, but they are not offending anyone. The clue is in the title ... if it doesn't apply to you don't ruin someonelses excitement by pissing all over their parade.
  20. Well that was about 45 seconds of my life i'll never get back! You moan about the thread yet you took the time to write this mindless drivell!

    You are an obnoxious arse, go away!

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