BRNC JAN 2022- just been sent another medical questionaire after passing 6 months ago


Hi all,
I've been going through recruitment for around a year now. I had my AIB in April and got allocated entry to BRNC as a Warfare Officer, submarines in May, starting 10th Jan 2022. I just had a notification that I have to submit a eye test and medical questionaire today, the same as the one at the beginning of recruitment. It makes sense as it has been nearly a year since my eye test and medical so they want to make sure I'm still fit. However, this notification is identical to the first recruitment one and doesn't mention it being a prior training medical and it seems just like a normal recruit medical. At my initial medical I was made TMU as I had a short period of depression in 2015. My GP was contacted, my medical was sent for paper review and passed after my records were examined and I spoke to the doctor at my face to face medical and it was decided I was medically fit. I was passed fit on 31/03/2021, passed PJFT and then AIB and was allocated an intake. The only issue is as you know that all takes a while to sort out and I'm worried it might stop or delay my entry to BRNC. I'm also confused as to whether it is a pre-training medical or some kind of mistake on the portal. Has anyone else been in a similar position? My health has not changed at all in that time and I am fit and well. I'm just worried this time around they may change their minds.

I have emailed my careers officer but he has not yet replied and I have been in work all day and unable to use the phone, and the AFCO is now closed. I'll try and give them a ring tomorrow morning of course but I was hoping that if anyone else has had this happen what the situation is. It's stressing me out that I might have to go through the whole medical process again. I was expecting a physical examination again before training but not having not deal with Capita again haha
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