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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chrismith92, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. Hello!!! If you're starting BRNC in January and wanna know anything about what happens here let me know. I started in September and narrowly failed ABLE and AILE so I'll be meeting you at the gates on Monday 10th.
    So I'll do my best to check this post over Xmas leave (woo), post anything you want, even if it sounds retarded!!!
  2. What type of iron is best.
  3. Theres a few of us in a facebook group that we've been using to swap info and stuff as not everyone uses this site (the fools), should come up if you search for BRNC January 2011 Entry.
  4. What type of chinos should I take??
  5. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    What kind of Port should I bring?

    Do we get taught sword fighting, or are they just to scare off aggressive lower deck types?

    Is it advantageous to talk like Noel Coward?

    At what point should I mention that daddy was a Commodore?
  6. Is it wrong that I just looked at the group to see what the women in it were like?

    Chris- I'm hoping (still) to make it for the January intake, seeing as I'm going for a shortage branch, so I 'hopefully' will see you there. I'm being the optimist and hoping that a letter or decision is going to make its ways to me soon.
    I assume by failing ABLE you now need to retake the first term again? Or if I recall, you can retake it again at some point in term 2 should time allow (or is that what AILE is. It is a term I have read in the BRNC sticky, but not seen explained before)?
  7. Just as a guess..... Assessed Intermediate Leadership Exercise?

    Is this the same thing that is/was called CODEX? Hindostan thing?
  8. AILE is by all accounts worse than ABLE. You only do it if you fail ABLE (and are allowed to continue) or are medically pulled off. It is conducted on and around the college grounds and in the local area. The yomps are longer and are mostly on metalled roads which are unforgiving on the feet and knees.

    When you do the DIVEX in the first week take a note of "the hill", you will see that again on AILE...
  9. It's worse?

    See, now part of me would want to complete ABLE and then try AILE, just to compare.

    At the time I will probably just be glad it's over the first time around though ;).
  10. Trust me, AILE is something you do not want to experience if you don't have to!

    If you want a VERY brief personal comparison I would say ABLE is slightly more mentally taxing and AILE is more of a physical challenge. ABLE is still a bitch though. The promise of a hydrotherapy session and a weekend off seemed to be able to spur most people on though ABLE!
  11. I'm a 'there's a hill...must conquer hill' kinda guy :wink: .

    How's the team spirit after a couple of days of nil sleep?
    Or do you fall into a 'well, we've come this far, let's get this finished with and move on' mentality?

    I'm really hoping for the January intake. Just so that I can do ABLE while it's still interesting weather.
  12. In general I found team morale increases the further into the exercise you progress, however, if there are certain aspects of your team mates personalities that frustrate you in the college there's a high likelihood these will be multiplied tenfold when out on the moor. One piece of advice I would bestow is when not leading a task (because you can be as arsey as you want then if that's your style!) try to be as nice as pie to your team mates, even if it is false! And don't hold grudges! If everyone does this it will make the whole experience slightly more bearable!

    And smile every time the Directing Staff looks in your direction, never appear to be as uncomfortable as you are!
  13. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Does "medically pulled off" mean that it's a nurse administering the handjob? Cos that's happened to me before, but I didn't have to go round the buoy again.
  14. Guys, for goodness sake at least make the group private or something. Do you not think the Iranian and Chinese Secret Services, et al, don't check Facebook. Why do you think that there are strict rules about personal details on this site. Start thinking about your, and your nation's, security NOW.
  15. Am I missing something obvious here?? :?
  16. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    It's that nurse again! This time she's got a hose pipe ready.
  17. Exactly. Why shouldn't they?

    You do after all.
  18. Good good.
    I've done a few similar things in recent history (although with no DS staff looking on), so I have a fair idea of how people react. It will be interesting how my group does as it's all about the group dynamics.

    Well that is one way to keep you regular.
    After a few days, I think a lot of people not used to rat packs will need something to help unbung them.
  19. As other have indicated, having the group open to the public is a bit of a no no.
    There is another group on facebook, so I would suggest you delete the group you have and join that one (there are 19 in there to your 5 and it is a closed group).

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