BRNC in september to train as 3/O Systems Engineer

Discussion in 'RFA' started by JamesExelby, Jun 15, 2014.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am starting at BRNC on the 20th of september to train as a 3/O SE and wondered if anyone else on here was starting then too (induction on 10th). I also wanted to know more about the route to chartership. ie How long does it take? At interview i asked if you could go through the IET instead of IMarEst as i do not want to be restricted to working on just ships and was told this was fine but cant find any info on it anywhere. Finally I cant find much information about what happens after the passing out parade at BRNC, from looking at forums it seems you stay in england learning about the electrical systems on the ships for 5 months but i cant find anything official on this.

    Thanks and sorry for lengthy questions but i thought it better to keep this all in one thread seen as it all relates to the same job position.
  2. I won't be at BRNC in sep. Yep, sounds about right to me. Don't know about chartership.
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Did you not get asked about what you knew or told what you needed to know by the subject matter expert who interviewed you at the sift? Then asked about it at the AIB or has it been dropped? I assume you are already qualified as an engineer if you are joining as a 3/O so being ignorant about 'chartership' sounds a bit like you're taking the mick.

    Plug > iet ceng < into the site search engine.
  4. You are right the AIB has been dropped and all I had for selection was a 20 min interview. I graduate in a month and my question was because as a maritime organisation the usual charter ship route is through imarest. I have of course google iet ceng but there is nothing about it specifically regarding the Rfa so I can't see querying about it is either ignorant or taking the mick. Thanks for your response and time nonetheless
  5. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    You couldn't find it on Google. I wrote:

    . There are some explanations and engineers cock waving therein.

    Nevermind. Maybe the IET doesn't have a 'streamlined' route to registration for RFA engineers although I seem to recall that a senior SE Officer was looking into it a while back. So it's either a bit more work through the IET, or understand the difference between registration and membership and the answer to your quest for a short cut and your unfounded aversion to the IMarEST should fall into your lap. Think of it as an engineering problem to solve.

    Plug > iet ceng < into the site search engine. There are some clues there to get you started.

    Qualified electrical engineers recruited as 3/OSEs with no sea experience used to be sent to HMS SULTAN for a bespoke course in stuff exclusive to ships, neutral earths and the like.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2014
  6. James, PM sent
  7. Afternoon all,

    I to will be off to BRNC in September - if the paperwork catches up in good time.

    I'm sure it will be lovely in September/October.
  8. It will be. Much better weather than starting in February. I was there on the RFA course last September- you'll have a good fee weeks.
  9. I'm not sure that the normal seasonal assumptions apply to Dartmoor though! :) I hear that we will be frequenting those parts...
  10. You most certainly will and you'll learn to love it.

    That may or may not be true.
  11. Hi Everyone,

    I too will be starting BRNC on the 20th of September having just graduated. I found this link which outlined the course week by week.. Royal Fleet Auxiliary | Manchesterwelsh .. Sounds like fun :)

    I've not heard about the induction on the 10th though, what is that all about?
  12. The induction will be a chance for the RFA Divisional Officer and the intake to meet each other. You'll have health and safety talks, will get loads of information about the 8 weeks there, have a tour of BRNC and have some lunch. You'll also be issued with some combat boots to allow you to break them in before starting the course. Do take the opportunity to break the boots in, your feet will thank you for it on BLD and ABLE.

    There will probably be an informal meet and greet in a local pub the night before - enjoy but don't get wasted.
  13. Just a heads up, I've just finished at Dartmouth and we didn't get our boots on induction, we had them waiting for us on the first day. There are good boots though, and did not need any real breaking in. I had no foot troubles whatsoever.
  14. Good to bear re boots - a few on my course had a horrendous time with their boots and feet. Although we were in British Army high leg issue boots, you probably had the lovely new brown Lowas. Lucky you :)
  15. It'd be worth checking that start date - I have a suspicion changes are afoot.

  16. Changes?? :/
  17. Yes. I know a couple of RFA cadets that are starting at BRNC in late October instead of September. As a lateral entry officer the OP may be operating on an altogether different schedule anyway.
  18. Quite possibly. I know the September start date is still on the cards for those 'direct entries'. Although a cadet entry late October seems close cut for a January college date.
  19. Im was told October when I rang up about it the other week.
  20. I had a call this week off the new team, They told me BRNC is now 25th of October or possibly in February. But they are going to honour the 20th September start date they first told me, and send me on a course/s first..

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