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Just a quick question:

In my day at BRNC press ups were what I would call "normal" (ie: arms out to the side.) I was talking to someone who hopes to go there soon and he said that the hands have to be shoulder width apart.

Is this the case, or merely a case of the literature saying one thing but in practise it is different?



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So far as I'm aware "normal" press-ups are still the vogue at BRNC.
Lympstone CTC are the ones who inflict the close-arm press-up (ouch!).
Happy to stand corrected if anyone knows different.
Normal pressups = hands in line with shoulders

Shoulder Pressups = hands wide apart (outside of shoulders) as you push up

Tricep (inner arm) pressups = hands close together (inside shoulders) as you push up
Speaking as a bod at the end of week two of new entry even the evil PTI just wants to see you bobbing up and down. As everyone says here we're not Royal Marines. Then again, we don't have to do them officially until phase 2 now as they split up the fitness test.

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