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are there burpees in the fitness test? one bit of paper says there is, some say there isn't. also, some say the situps are to be done in 2mins, others say just continuous exercise... I wish they could send out standardised information!
PTB is done in the second term. (Sit-Ups etc.)

PTA is done in the first term, and that is a 2.4km run around the Astroturf.

Have you had your Joining Instructions yet? They have a nice little circuit in there which has been written by Cadets at the College so should be good prep.
yeah they gave some handy tips, apparently PTB has been moved to week 1 phase 1 now though, just not the same day as PTA, and the swimming test is now wk 2 phase 2, its all very confusing as some sites/info sources have obviously been updated and others haven't!
I have been speaking to a cadet doing phase 1 at the moment. She has told me she did alright in the fitness test (2.4k run) and swim test. She did not mention the press ups and sit ups, so I must assume that PTB is still in pre-IST as per the handbook.

Hope that helps some.
for anyone else wondering about this, just heard back from someone i took my aib with now in phase 2, PTB is undertaken week 1 phase 1, the day after PTA, pressups and situps are done to beeps, no burpees (yes!) apparently the beeps make it easier...


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What are burpees, have I missed out on something?

How could beeps make anything easier?! I don't suppose you know whether the beeps get faster or...? My sit-ups should all be fabulous provided I'm doing them correctly; I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm doing them wrong because they're getting a bit too easy for my liking. Maybe my legs are too high/low.
The beeps for sit ups are constant. The Army website has an MP3 of them (sorry no link; I can't be arsed!) Lovely New Zealander calling it out if I remember correctly.....

PTB phase 1, crap! Need to get practicing then......


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I'm a bit more concerned about PTA; it's gonna murder me.

Our kitlist says 2 pairs of trainers. I thought we were issued silver shadows for BRNC and that we just took one pair of our own, silly me.

I f*ing hate silver shadows. And I rarely swear about anything.
silver shadows are awesome! my old issue pair lasted 2yrs until i went in a lake with them and made the mistake of drying them on the radiator, they came off banana shaped and 2 sizes smaller... dont know what theyre like for running though... but hopefully we get to do PTA in our own trainers. I need everything on my side to pass that...
Yes, I gather outside testing is done in our footwear (I too am unsure to take 1 or 2 pairs, the joinng pack suggests both!). I would imagine all PT done inside will be in Silver Shadows (that is certainly my experience so far).


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Banana shaped...heh, Yossarian that made me laugh! At AIB I fell in the pool about 6 times and my shadows were still wet when I left Sultan... I felt like a right muppet dripping all over the bus. KLNA_Cessna_Jockey was very nice and wrung my hair out for me though!

Teddy, I bought myself a nice new pair of trainers last week, proper running jobbies. I've still got my old ones though, so I'll probably take both - so I have a "best" pair and a rough pair for running through mud etc. Maybe you could do similar? Saves buying two nice pairs...the cost of trainers these days!! ^_^;


Unless things have changed since my time in BRNC, you can wear whatever you want for the 2.4km run: you only need to wear the issue short shorts, white t-shirt (tucked in) and Silver Shadows for "organised" PT.
yeah ive got some running ones i've been training in and a crappy pair for jumping in lakes, getting wet lots etc, might as well take both, if they get too dirty i can always just chuck them and present gleaming silver shadows at inspections :p

burpees (i think...) are nasty horrible things that involve kneeing yourself in the chest repeatedly until it really hurts. quite glad we don't have to do them!
That is the plan, Rache! I have an old(ish) pair I'm using now, but am on my way to Sweatshop in Reading to buy some road shoes. Not really that local, but worth the ride.

(If you can get over to Reading it is the best place in the world for trainers. They know each pair inside out, and sell you the correct shoes for your surface, gate, and price; they do not sell you the most expensive pair when you came in for a sweat band.)


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Yossarian said:
burpees (i think...) are nasty horrible things that involve kneeing yourself in the chest repeatedly until it really hurts. quite glad we don't have to do them!
Well if you miss them I'm sure I can knee you in the chest a few times to remind you :) I am such a good friend.

Angrydoc, that's quite handy info (provided it hasn't changed recently); I should get myself some more kit. My current fitness gear is alright but they probably won't appreciate witty slogan t-shirts at BRNC... Does "organised PT", as you put it, include hockey and such? Or do we wear our own kit for that as well?

Teddy, you might be onto something there. I live in Huntingdon. We have an entire high street of miniature shops - a mini Next, a mini Woolworths and a mini sports shop. Let's just say the range of purchasable goods is not great! The sports shop isn't bad in the sense that they sell high-quality stuff, but I went in looking for a hockey stick and they only had a) one brand and b) one of each size and colour. I'm looking for a Slazenger since my sister trashed mine, but no joy.



You get timetabled PT during which we wore the issue kit. We also wore that during Period Zeros, which I believe are now a thing of the past (phys at 0600 - lovely). The rest of the time you could wear whatever you like, but what you've said about slogans is wise - keep it fairly neutral and non-attention grabbing. The key to BRNC is to be the grey (wo)man - blend in.

Another little nugget - the only stuff that is inspected during rounds is the stuff you have on show: you each get a "personal" drawer which you can lock, and this is not inspected. A good place to stash the sand-filled trainers from an afternoon on the astroturf! Your Silver Shadows get used rarely, and usually indoor, so are pretty easy to keep clean.


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Thanks again Angrydoc :)

That's something I was going to ask about as well, glad you brought it up! A friend of mine in the RAF said that during inspection they check your cupboards, drawers, etc. (obviously) and that a good tip is to put everything in shoe boxes and then into your storage space, because they don't check inside the boxes. Thus your storage space always looks tidy and it doesn't matter how cluttered your stuff is inside the boxes themselves! Is that actually handy or is he pulling my leg?

Need to buy more shoes if it's true; I don't fancy making parallel lines of my belongings inside drawers. :whew:

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