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Hi all. I've been offered a place at Dartmouth for may 2015 and obviously am very exited! This forum has been amazing and I have to say has helped me a lot through the sift and aib! I wonder if anyone can give me a run down on the type and frequency of the phys at Dartmouth?im pretty fit already but just wanted a run down on the types of stuff to do ie running, circuits, etc. any insight would be appreciated. Also anyone else start in may? Cheers.

What are you joining as? I am guessing as cadet as otherwise would be coming in Feb..
Course has just changed.. now as per below.

RNFT & Swim test in week 1, sports clubs Monday evenings, sport afternoons most Wednesdays, Timetabled PT is usually 1 or 2 x 90 minute sessions a week.
That is about it for the min physical, the going to Dartmoor and yomping has changed as the leadership exercises are now carried out on the river not Dartmoor.

First intake doing this new version started today, pass out in 8 weeks.

Thanks for the reply. Yes joining as deck cadet. That doesnt sound that challenging. Are you currently at brnc? Im really looking forward to it although I may be slightly older than the rest (at 32) I can't wait. What sports can I get involved in?
Btw the essay at AIB is very straightforward. It's done on Microsoft word so no need to worry about spelling and grammar. We had 5 topics and they were all pretty easy. Brush up on current military affairs watch the news every day leading up to it and it will be easy. I had a great time at aib and am happy to answer any more questions. Cheers.

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