BRNC February 2015 Intake

Considering there is a thread specifically for people who are off to HMS Raleigh I thought I would make one for the February 2015 intake at BRNC. It may be a little early yet but anyone who has been selected can post here about what branch they are joining, training tips, worries they have etc etc, you get the gist.

So I'll get the ball rolling and say I'll be joining in February as an observer provided I pass my imminent aircrew medical. Anyone else for the February intake then?
Waheyy one reply aha. I know it's early days but had visions of this thread going to the pan aha. Congrats on Pilot mate. Is your medical soon?

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Yeah I'm sure, the November lot haven't even gone yet. I thought it might be a bit early with most of us only finding out this week. Best to get it up and running and then I'm sure people will come along soon enough.

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The sooner you lot go the sooner February will come round and I'll get to go as well aha. You'll no doubt by in your second term by then so I won't have gotten rid of you that easily. ;)

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Is Feb entry only for pilots, observers & ATC - So many FAA candidates on this!
Nice to meet you WJG ;)
I believe there are different selection boards for different branches. May only be the FAA candidates that have been chosen so far.

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That's correct, the selection board for Aircrew was held on the 7th November. Fortunately didn't have to wait long considering my AIB took place 4-5th Nov. How's the autobiographical account coming along?
In all honesty I haven't had chance to start it yet, I work full time Thursday-Monday and I've been busy filling out the mountain of paperwork along with my medical paperwork which is another ball ache aha. Better get used to it though I suppose. That was good you not having to wait long. My AIB was the beginning of October so only about 6 weeks for me. But some people could have been waiting three months. How's your essay going?

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I'm in exactly the same position as you. Started making notes, but tbh there are other priorities like you say. That was my initial AIB date at the beginning of October, but I had to postpone it till November. There's 20 pilots and observers beginning in February. 26 candidates were put forward for selection in total.
Also is that a split of 10 pilots and 10 observers then? Or they taking on more pilots because the new Merlin MK3/4's don't have observers?

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