BRNC February 2014 (Be sure to observe PERSEC)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by wannabejack, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. Hello, anyone else on here joining in February?
  2. Yeah, I'll send you a PM.
  3. I'll be part of this click, but not your part of ship oppos!
  4. Sorry, what do you mean...? SUY?
  5. Steward :)

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  6. Not me, I'll be somewhere else
  7. STC duties you old roister doister? :)

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  8. I'm on the new officer STC branch. Can't wait to get my first ST!
  9. That's very easily misread as STI... Steady there
  10. I'm starting in Feb - getting close now!
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  11. How are you getting on getting all your things ready? And what about the essay?
  12. I've almost finished "Nelson's Way", I've sewn in 4 labels (so basically none) and I've not started the essay yet - That's a job for the New Year. Apart from that the phys is going pretty well: I have been a reservist PARA for 5 years so it should be and I also assume it'll make me no.1 club swingers' target once they find out. How about you?
  13. I would normally say that i've been doing really well with the phys until you said you were a Para… PM inbound.
  14. See you there, chaps. ME for me.
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  15. Finished Nelsons Way, too. It was actually quite good. Also Empire of the Seas and also Britain's Future Navy by Nick Childs ( which seems really good but wasn't on their list. Currently reading The Royal Naval Division at the moment - the worse one of the lot, halfway though and it's still dwelling on the poorly organized gallipoli campaign.

    I can understand why people say the pre-joining fitness book is the absolute minimum, some days it just wants you to run for 15 minutes / do your maximum pressups and then enjoy a rest day afterwards. Luckily my gym membership runs out on the 10th, very eerie. - The book wants us to practice the swimming test in overalls, don't know how i'm going to go about asking them to let me float around in a dirty boiler suit whilst the kids are splashing around in the pool, bound to get some looks if they let it.

    How are your mile and a half times?
  16. Well i'm 33 so have about an hour to do it in...
  17. Finished Shackleton's Way (top man) and currently wading through Command of the Ocean and South (nowhere near as interesting once you already know the story from SW!). Nelson's Way after these. Phys is going well, had a 3 week lull over Christmas where I drank and ate to oblivion but starting to push out of that now! 2.4km aiming for sub 9mins - apparently we do it around the parade ground so treadmill times will be a bit off. Most of the kit list got apart from the stationary and iron. Not started the essay yet - job for the next couple of weeks. Any fellow northerners passing through Manchester Piccadilly give me a PM.
  18. umm that kit-list is pretty out of date. take it, name it, but throw it all in the baggage store asap upon arrival as in Mil you won't be using too much of it - if at all. (stapler, holepunch, dog robbers etc you won't need till marinisation) Also the pre joining fitness is nowhere near good enough - do much more
  19. Are there things on the kit list you don't think we need at all? Anything that is not listed that you'd suggest we bring?

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  20. Bring it all, you just won't need some items until Marinisation. If you're female, make sure you do bring appropriate black court shoes!
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