BRNC February 11th 2013 Intake

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DundeeCadet, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm new to this forum despite the fact of hearing about it during the selection process but personally was always too cautious to be learning from "gossip" and hence didn't get involved too much. Paying attention to it more recently has enlightened me of more than I ever thought was possible on a chat forum and regret that I didn't participate more. For example I do have some basic questions to ask regarding training which may seem silly to all the well-versed individuals on here.

    I am joining the February 2013 intake at BRNC and was always curious to hear if there has already been a thread started for all the guys and gals starting their training on this date. I would like to get the ball rolling and get as many people as possible to share our questions, doubts and excitement concerning the coming months ahead.

    First and foremost, I have a simple question concerning issued boots;
    My mate who is starting officer training at Cranwell this January and another who is going to Sandhurst in May both tell me that their boots are issued to them well before their first proper day of initial officer training, during their "induction pre-commissioning course". Will we, who are about to attend BRNC, have a "pre-commissioning course" at all when boots etc will be issued in order for us to break them in??
  2. From what I can tell so far, there are at least 5: SailingShark, Olly013, Scuba Boris, oldgaius, DundeeCadet ? Your username suggests you'll be travelling a little further than me - great! :D

    No boots until we get there I think.
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  3. Morning. Yes, in the Pre-Joining Guide it states that we will be issued boots on arrival.
  4. Don't get stressed out about breaking in new boots and bulling them up to see your countenance in them at Dartmouth. As you will have your own steward, to do that ,and other tasks ^_~:razz: ps he will address you at all times as Dundonian Sir
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  5. haha if we were so lucky Scouse!
    Yeah SailingShark I have read our Pre-Joining Guide and was a bit surprised to hear this. All this talk about how important foot care is, I just hoped that we had the same practicality as the other 2 services dare I say! I keep hearing how important this is in order to avoid blisters etc. Ah well, as they say, it's going to be progressive!

    Oldgaius, it seems some of you have already been in contact that's great and yes, I'm coming down from the fertile and affluent surroundings of Tayside........where are you hailing from?
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  6. Well I shall give you an early welcome to the South West and gods counties, you may think at times it reminds you of home that is because it will be your new home, if you think it looks like Scotland then forget it on the whole women tend to wear the skirts, in public anyway, and it’s a lot warmer, :glasses8:you will need to pack sun tan lotion, for protection from the bright yellow thing in the sky, it normally hides behind clouds in Scotland.:(
    Heed all the comments about protecting your feet as unless you are an hardened hill walker or self-defense expert with feet of iron, your feet are going to be in for a shock.:laughing1:
  7. For the past 3 months I have actually been working and living in Plymouth and have visited Truro and Exeter through work. It pisses down with rain here like there's no tomorrow, the women aren't particularly impressive and there are so many prats about which always makes me wonder what is up with this whole idea that the South West is Britain's most sought after place to live. Now, Dundee has similar attributes EXCEPT, that yellow thing in the sky can actually be seen from time to time! :p

    Sun tan lotion is definitely not needed around here and is firmly staying on the shelf ;)
  8. I'll be catching the train from Birmingham New Street and I guess I'll be looking for other travellers with a bulging bag (and suitcase) and an ironing board under the arm
  9. Hi All,

    Before my leadership and SR Command Course I prepped my feet by breaking in boots, now admittedly we already had the ones we were to use but toughening up your plates is vital as there is NOTHING more soul destroying than being physically and mentally fit and the one thing letting you down are your port and starboard tootsies!
  10. Soak your feet in surgical spirit boys/girls and wear boots/hard shoes all the time, get fit (RMFT recommended, if you can't make it all don't worry just do your best), iron and polish for your whole damn house to get your hand in. Hit the charity shops in Guz/Pompey and get spare kit so you don't waste your time constantly cleaning the soles of your steaming bats etc Practice your handwriting, hard as it is to believe some excellent guys failed my intake because they were up to 0330hrs rewriting their warpacs a dozen times. Have a presentation on a personal subject and a naval history subject ready prepared (sinking the Bismark, Taranto, Pearl Harbour etc) so you don't have to waste time when you're there. Get a copy of rules of the road and try to learn it.

    I think I might just try to write a 20 point guide to BRNC for initial joiners, stay posted.
  11. Yeah, I'll be there on the 11th as well chaps. Traveling all the way from Scotland myself, looking forward to the comparatively tropical weather of the south.

    With regards to the boots, I'm going with the joining pack's suggestion of wearing boots in the weeks prior to joining in order to toughen up my silky soft soles.
  12. So you have now witnessed the tropical storms without the sunshine all you have to do now is wait for the sunshine, you will be praying for rain when you are busting a gut across Dartmoor, Exmoor or Bodmin Moor in the South West summer, but do not blink as you may miss it? ^_~
  13. I'm also in for this Feb. Though I assume I will have the least distance to travel, being from Kingsbridge! Having spent most of my life walking around Dartmoor and having seen the September intake up there while walking last month, I shouldn't worry too much about the physical aspect of exercises on the moors, as it didn't look as though they could have been walking more than 15 miles per day. Am I right in assuming that we take our essays with us on the 11th? Has anybody else been caught out by the blood group question on the proforma?
  14. And Olly013, are you, or did you apply for, aircrew?
  15. you lucky buggers, you avoid the worst of the weather bar the rest of Feb! ( that is if like me dartmoor in -4 c isn't the most appealing part of BRNC )
  16. Hi Will, yeah I applied and was selected for Aircrew. Are you also Aircrew?

    Also, to answer your other questions: we need to take the personal reflective essays down with us and if you don't know your blood type you could ask your GP who I assume would have it on record.
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  17. I don't think GPs have it on record unless they've had a specific reason to check for it. I was told that it's nothing to worry about, other than requiring an extra jab/prick when we experience the delights of sickbay. :)

    Edit: For some reason the plural of GP is all caps and doing the linky linky thing. Not of my doing!
  18. I didn't get aircrew, I think I was at FATs with you though! Passed them with aplomb apparently but my AIB was shocking, but still a pass and they offered me Warfare submarines, so I'm in doing that. Excellent effort on getting aircrew!

    I was going to book a blood test with my GP when I get back to the UK, but that costs £60 and not worrying about it sounds like a better (cheaper) option! So oldgaius, did you send your proforma off without a bloodgroup?
  19. I'm actually yet to send it – awaiting a few pieces of information. But there are a few reasons why I haven't booked a private test:

    1. The guidance notes accept that not everyone is a blood donor. (Whether for medical bar, religious objection, or shoddy admin skills, we aren't the first and won't be the last.) Even if you could give blood in the coming days, you probably won't get the card with your group on before the proforma deadline.

    2. The RN are clear on what we need and how we should go about it with plenty of notice (think valid passport, immunisation history), especially if it requires a fee or dead time. I don't think a £60 test qualifies as a recommended purchase.

    3. I was advised by my AFCO not to worry because "blood will be checked anyway" during the first couple of weeks.

    One of the many numbers we were given (incl. sickbay) will probably hold the authoritative answer, so don't take what I've written as gospel. :evil3:

    Edit: Forgot to mention, don't point the finger at me if there are any bollockings to be had over this!! :tongue10:
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  20. Stitching people up already. You'll fit right in the wardroom.

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