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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scuba Boris, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm hoping to be selected for BRNC for the Feb 2013 intake, fingers crossed.

    Could somebody please tell me the start date for the Feb 2013 intake.

  2. Feb 29th I believe.
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  3. You're a real comedy genius. Did it really take you all that time since the topic started to come up with that??
  4. It's always possible that he hasn't been sat in front of a computer waiting for a question from you I suppose.
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  5. Nah, it probably did take him that long to think that up, he's been mixing his trimix and heliox again :)

    (Yes, I did Google them. No, I have no idea about them. Yes, I was bored but the bar in Hawaii has just opened. Aloha)
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  6. Stop getting technical you!!! Anyway helium is the way ahead. Out of interest what do you watch donators breathe at height? I assume it's not 100% O2?
  7. Like Guzzler said really. Anyway lift ya bottom lip up princess, if you can't take shit on here, you won't like it as a YO cleaning out the shitters in a force 9 whilst the lads take the piss out of your posh plum like voice.

    PS with a **** name like that please don't tell me you're another wannabe diver???? Get your second choice squared away early wont you????
  8. It's on the 10th Feb.
  9. Awww shucks sweetie, your concern for my future and career choices are overwhelmingly touching, but don't you worry your pretty little head about me. Ill be just fine.

    I was just optimistically hoping for a useful response.

    And as for my name it's actually Denzel Halfpenny-McFreeloader but I just found that not as snappy.

  10. Couldn't give two fucks about your career. I know with your shit attitude diving course is not for you.
  11. Stop bullying the poor lamb Froggers, you've been told about that before, now off to the step before your father gets home!
  12. Bollox they have nothing on me. Not even had the courtesy to reply, when I asked them what I am supposed to have done. Probably because I said I would invoice the pricks for my time.

    I can just tell from this cherubs outloook, that he will fail course. Oh and why do I know?? I used to teach said CDO's.
  13. At the risk of severe thread shift:

    The supply to the mask starts as an air mix when at the lower altitudes, then the O2 is progressively increased until you're on 100% and then, if you insist on going higher, you get positive pressure breathing (so the O2 is forced into the mask all the time, rather than just when you suck in).

    All this is, of course, based on the pressure within the aircraft. No need for all that malarky in your 747 because the tube is pressurised to about a 6000' cabin altitude and even Granny can (mostly) cope with that. Military jets don't pressurise the 'cabin' that low for damage control and weight saving reasons.

    As for watch donation; mine got written off by Pusser when I threw an aircraft away (mandatory for all SHAR drivers). I suppose that's why one of your rubber-clad brethren has a nice Seiko on his wrist (if there is such a thing :))
  14. Yep, divers have wrists, they use them to check the webs between their fingers (which is why divers don't wear rings).
  15. Good shit. Interesting. All makes sense. Do you get tested for O2 intolerance like us during training? A lot of people suffer with this, surprising. Not including COPD and paraquat before the medics start.

    Oh and Hawaii is so yesterday (and quite shit in town). RIMPAC '08.
  16. No, they don't wear them for the same reason as they don't wear armbands, 'cos they'd never sink beneath the waves and that's what divers do ('cos I read it in a book).

    I don't remember specifically getting tested for that. I suppose the nearest you get is when they decompress the 'chamber' from 10000 to 35000 ft during training and you get to experience the joys of the previous night's best bitter gurgling around in your rapidly expanding intestine and then the positive pressure, 100% O2 breathing (before removing the mask, doing silly tasks that seem very funny at the time and then getting the mask back on after a couple of minutes before experiencing the crappier side of hypoxia).

    Yeah, it's not brilliant but nice for a change. I'll let you know how Tokyo is tonight :drunken:
  17. Surely you're recompressing at this stage, not deco?!

    Tokyo, now that is good.
  18. Maybe we're using differing terms. The aircraft is pressurised (compressed) to 10000' by pumping air into the aluminium tube until the differential pressure is equivalent to a cabin altitude of 10000' i.e. your body thinks it's at 10000'. They have a separate chamber, attached to the one that everybody is sitting in, from which they pump out the air (decompress) until it is at the equivalent pressure of 35000'. They then open a bloody great valve between the two chambers and all the lovely air, which was pressurising the occupied one to 10000', rushes out into the other one, dropping the pressure (decompressing) and thereby increasing the cabin altitude to 35000'.

    Sorry if my post sounds condescending, it's not meant to. I suppose, put more simply, it's the same sort of effects you get if you rise rapidly from the depths. It is quite possible to suffer from the bends when they decompress an aircraft cabin and it was another reason that military aircraft are not so highly pressurised as an airliner; going from 10000' pressure to 35000' pressure is a LOT nicer than 6000' to 35000', due to the non-linear pressure reduction with altitude i.e. all the pressure is squashed down low.

    I think we should get the prize for hugest thread shift in the history of RR.

    (And my head hurts from the excesses of Tokyo's finest bars :frown:......I wonder what Hong Kong will be like tomorrow)
  19. Not condescending at all. Really interesting stuff. Anyway two different train sets. Still RE-compressing as you're getting more pressure applied to you. However you go up for affects on the body we go down. So your probably right. Well it's your world so you are right. For us the effects you talk of happen as we get deeper, though this is normally on air. Nitrogen Narcosis is similar to the symptoms you have and doing simple tasks can be a right twat. These symptoms can be exasperated by going down quicker, not been worked up and been a lightweight. Some people do it for a laugh as the symptoms go upon ascent and there is no after problems. This problem doesn't happen when you add Helium to the mix. Which is why I asked about your mask mix a but ago.

    If someone has a problem we get them back to depth in a controlled environment ie chamber by recompressing them. Hence why we call it so. However as I said if you call it that. Happy days.

    Anyway as for thread shift. It's better than the OP daft question.

    HK? Yeah did it this year for the 7's. Try somewhere new my WAFU friend...........

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