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Discussion in 'RFA' started by RF92, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. Who's going?

    Could anyone give tips or advice prior to joining?
  2. Bluebird79 may be able to give you the student point of view..
  3. Gosh, not sure how I missed this post but better late than never right? What would you like to know?
  4. I'm going in May (just received my letter prior to Christmas!) so if you could pass on the insider tips, I would greatly appreciate it!! :wink:
  5. Congratulations to you! May will be just lovely to spend some time in the glorious Dartmoor National Park - I hear the flora and fauna is wonderful that time of year.

    Anyhoo, as for insider tips I'd say the key to success in the RFA (and the RN) course at BRNC is actually rather simple: Do what you are told. If you are told to sleep in trainers, then sleep in trainers. If you're told to write your name on things, then write your name on things... And so on. If you don't do what you're told then don't be surprised to find yourself being spoken too like you've killed someone's puppy.

    Also, realise that everything you're being taught/told is for good reason, just because the reason isn't apparent to you doesn't mean it's irrelevant and therefore doesn't apply to you. No-one will thank you for being that person.

    This is may all seem rather vague but IMHO it's the simple things that let people down and result in them hating their time at BRNC. Go with it, play the game, do as instructed and have a fantastic 8 weeks.

    If you want more specific tips or have any questions then just let me know ;)
  6. Hello I have my interview on Wednesday this week at Portsmouth, if I'm successful how long does it take to go from interview to getting onto a training course at BRNC?
  7. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What are you going for? Thought it was medic which would mean training at Keogh barracks.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
  8. Yeah it's for a medic, my pack only tells me about RFA and where and when my interview is, docent say what happens afterwards, do I wanted to know what was the next phase of recruitment, can't seem to find any info of training lengths, I only know that after I've done the RFA training, my extra medic training is 8 weeks, but nit sure where that will be either Plymouth or Nottingham I'm hoping as these are 2 of the best offshore Medics course,
  9. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well depending on the time of day, about five hours from Portsmouth & Southsea to Totnes (changing at Salisbury and Exter St. Davids, then a 12-mile taxi journey). :wink:
  11. I'm with exJenny on this, I don't think you'll be going to BRNC Blue

  13. I'm heading to Dartmouth in May too, just waiting on my Doc to give me the last of my jabs and I'll be good to go. Really looking forward to getting stuck in and finally getting out of this office!
  14. Fantastic news, you'll have a great time! Jabs are a real hassle to sort out :/ are you going in as a qualified officer?
  15. Thanks for that, I'm going in as a Medical technician, in currently employed q the NHS as a A&E Staff Nurse, I've wanted to go offshore for a few years now, and found the RFA by chance, it's been a relatively quick process I first seen the RFA in September, I just got my application in on the closing date, every job I've been successful in getting Has been at the lady minute, so I'm hoping I will get this job, I'm on nightshirt tonight then I travel done to Portsmouth when I finish in the morning, so I've a long day tomorrow, I can't wait to get in, hopefully you should be able to re join, I would have thought as an experienced employee the RFA would snap your hands off and take you back, they don't have along the costs of training you,
  16. Umm not sure what happened there, anyway had my interview today at Portsmouth, went very well, I should hear in 2-4weeks, only info I got on training is that I will be sent to do courses at different institutes around the country, it will take me 16 weeks to gain all of the desired quals before I ship off, now just hoping they take me
  17. Really hope it works out for you!
  18. Thanks, so do I, the panel really sold the RFA today, so I hoping I'm 1 of the many this week who interviewed for the medtech role
  19. I'm joining up as a Deck Officer Cadet. Big change in career but something I've thought about doing for a while. Really want to get out there and experience something better than 4 walls and a computer screen all day!

    Hopefully all my jabs will be completed in a couple of weeks, my doc surgery have been very good at delaying my progress!
  20. The February intake is a new step for the RFA, previously there've only been two courses at BRNC: May & September. It'll be good to get more RFA through Dartmouth to confuse the Navy some more.

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