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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by smokeyjoe, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. Anyone had their joining pack or telephone call etc.?
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  2. You might find the entry pattern for RN officers will change to 4 entries per year. If so the entries for 2012 will be Feb, May, Sep and Nov.

    Ask your own Officer selector to confirm dates etc.

  3. SM you're right, my pass letter advises Feb intake...
  4. SJ,

    Then surely, as the OP, it is now up to you to alter the heading of this thread?

    Just a suggestion; perhaps "BRNC Feb 2012" would be more appropriate...:-|

  5. Have no idea how to do that.
  6. So Smokeyjoe,

    What branch are you looking at and what was your AIB pass graded as?
  7. I am going for X(SM), my pass was graded as borderline case for selection... Are you also awaiting a letter/telephone call?
  8. Smokeyjoe,

    Sorry for the delay in replying.

    No - I'm not waiitng although my son is waiting for a Logs place (looking like May 2012 if at all) like lots of others.

    Good luck - I hope it works out for you.
  9. With the possible change to 4 entires per year, standby for a new 3 x 10 week training package...... This will closely align to the new 10 week "first phase" at Raleigh, then go Officer specific for the remainder.
  10. When will it be clear what the new entry dates will be? (Recently sent my AFCO 104 form off and put down 2/12, 5/12, 9/12...) Also, my ACLO mentioned this idea of 10 weeks training at Raleigh before officer training too... how true is it?
  11. As far as I'm aware ALL Officer training will be done at BRNC, however the first 10 weeks of Initial Naval Training may be very similar to that given at Raleigh. Thereafter it's back to pure Officer stuff.
    There is nothing definitive yet about the change in dates for next year, but it is a fairly sound rumour!!
  12. Anyone been given a date yet?
  13. I received a phone call yesterday and was told that I had a place on the February intake. Does anyone know when the term starts? Is it usually the first Sunday of the month?
  14. Hey, I've received my joining pack for X(SM). Intake starts on 13th of Feb which is a monday.
  15. I'm going in as a TMO. How long ago did you do AIB?
  16. Congrats to those who have found out in the last few days that they are joining in Feb - I cannot wait, am counting down the days until I leave.
  17. There was an internal notice out last week announcing that INT(Officers) would start Feb 12 and would be at BRNC.
  18. I assume INT means International? Joining a day earlier perhaps?

    The joining letter I received stated 'between x and y at Totnes Railway Station on the 13 Feb. 2012' with x and y being the timings.
  19. Initial Naval Training
  20. Fair enough, I officially feel stupid.
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