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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Cancho, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Sorry if this has been posted before and if I should use the search function but I was after some help.

    Now that our son has entered the gates of BRNC we will, no doubt, hear very little from him and I was hoping that someone could tell me what the Families Weekend actually entails? Did I see a post somewhere from Mou-Sea about this?

    The questions are (in no particular order):
    1 - What is the dress code for men & women?
    2 - Is there an eveing event and what is the dress for that?
    3 - What is the timetable for each day?
    4 - Do we get to spend time with our YO outside of the events?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for good places to stay - although we may have left this too late to get a combination of value & location.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
  2. Dress code: we went with smart, suits for men and our teenage sons, dresses or skirts blouses, nice coat etc for girls. Most people did the same, but don't stress too much.

    We arrived on the fri. They have fri eve off from 1800 til 2300. Most families went into Dartmouth for a meal, however, the YO are in uniform and have been well briefed before hand on what they can and can't do, no pubs etc. It is their first time out of the college for 5 weeks.
    Saturday you arrive at college with your passes, your YO shows you around, grounds their room, Sandquay and the training ships etc. You all attend a presentation by Commodore and other Officers, without your YO. (good film at the end, made me want to join and otherhalf 'well up'!).
    Tea coffee on the Quaterdeck, small talk with everyone, YO's very twitchy! If fact alot of the weekend we overheard 'oh god who is dad talking to, what's he touching, fiddling with etc'!
    Saturday eve they are free to come out of college again.
    Sunday am church service if you want to. With coffee, tea after. Then cooked lunch in the senior gun room, followed by tug of war and relay race round the ramps (them not you, although there was one dad who asked about the parents race!). Alot of parents left after not realising that the YO's get let out again from 1500 til 1800 but this may have been a one off.

    We rented long borrow barn which is next to the college it was great as we could all chill out and have 2 really lovely family meals together, our daughter could get out of uniform for a few hours and rest, if you are in a hotel you will be wandering round Dartmouth and the kids are worrying about doing something wrong etc. I'll post details later for the barn.

    We had a great time, it gave us a small insight into what they had been doing and what was in front of them.. We drove home happy and very proud.
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  3. Mou Sea,
    thank you very much for that - it hits the nail on the head.
    How is you daughter doing in term 2?
  4. She is doing very well thank you. Here are the barn details: Ray & Jan 07880 602933
    Longbow Barns, quality self-catering accommodation in Dartmouth. There are 2 apartments, top sleeps 4, bottom sleeps 6. We had the bottom, it's very well equipped, clean and with nice views. We paid about £350 for 3 nights. So at £19.50 per person per night it was great value.
  5. That is good to hear - what branch is she going for?
    Looks like the barns are booked for that weekend - shame they look fantastic value and very nicely presented.
    Oh well - that'll teach me to book earlier :-(
    Thanks again for the information - it is very useful.
  6. Shame they've gone, would def try for self catering over a hotel if you can, have you tried trip advisor?
    Our YO is warfare HM.
  7. Good idea - I'll try that. I see your point ref Self Catering.
    Ours is warfare subs.
  8. BRNC Family Weekend Passes

    My daughter will shortly join Dartmouth and we will need to sort out the travel and accommodation for the family visit after 5 weeks.
    Do you know how many passes Dartmouth approve for family visitors on the Sat?
    Also have you purchased a sword for passing out or hired one?

    Many Thanks

  9. We had passes for 6, think they just ask for the number they need. This may however, change from intake to intake depending on intake size. International students often give their passes up within div.
    PM me re sword we maybe selling one!
  10. Janner (because you'll never lose the pointy head or webbed toes....)Don't buy a sword for your Daughter. If they are lucky she'll win one, otherwise she'll be issued one from stores for the duration. While it is very nice to own a sword, the occasions for using after you pass out of training are very limited. As for accomodation, and if they are allowed*, try and go somewhere outside of Dartmouth for your stay. I was heartily sick of the place after 5 weeks and escaping to reality is very nice! If you are ex-mob, please ensure that the tea and coffee after Church are used for eating as many biscuits as you can. Our term record was in the mid-30s for a 20 minute break. It'll break the tension, and if you're creative you can get her oppo's to help out in procuring extra biscuits.....*it's been a while since I left BRNC so don't take this as gospel. Plymouth is probably too far, but somewhere like Torquay, Totnes or Salcombe are within 45 mins or so.
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  11. I like the webbed toes! Thanks for the info, Im an ex LS(S)SM from 87 but the daughter wants to go down the Officer route so she better win one then. I did think you must be able to either borrow or rent one for passing out so thanks.
    Coming down from the Midlands but staying near by in Newton Abbot as know the area very well.
    Let you know how many biscuits we manage to get through!

  12. Was good to read how the families weekend at BRNC went. We are visiting in a few weeks time. On the agenda after the briefings on the Saturday is a cocktail party on the quarter deck. Will this be inside or out? Also on the Sunday we will be watching tug of war, do you know if we will have to walk far? The weather is turning already and although I will be wearing heels I dont want to have to walk across fields. We will have been to the church service and had lunch before this so we will be wearing smartish clothes possibly not suitable for standing out in the rain on a field! Any advice will be good.
  13. Thank you for that. I think a warm coat is going to come in handy. Do you know if their is anywhere to hang your coat as I don't really want to be wearing it inside or carrying it. Or will I have to go back to the car to collect it.
  14. Mou Sea - why are you selling a sword? Hope all is still going well for your daughter at BRNC?
  15. @ 4 G's - The cocktail party (!) is on the quaterdeck indoors and as said elsewhere the ToW will be on the parade ground.
    I would recommned that high heels are not the best footwear as there is a lot of walking around involved on both days - up and down tarmac slopes etc. take a good coat and umbrella and you should be fine.
    You get as many ticketsd as your YO will pay for depending upon how many others are going.
    The Saturday afternnon is interesting and then Sunday does drag a bit but they should also get furtherr "shore leave" on the Sunday evening so don't plan to leave too early.
  16. For everyone who has an interest in what goes on with the training at BRNC a 4 week programme starts on the History Uk channel on Tues 23rd Oct. a detailed insight in everything that the cadets go through from day one until they pass out. If you check out the History Channel page on the web you are able to view several short clips before the start of the show.
  17. This is an old forum but does anyone know for serving personnel, can they wear uniform? would no3s be alright
  18. The cadets are generally in no 1s for most events during families weekend so I would say no 3s aren't appropriate. I would strongly suggest wearing civvies, keep the focus on your cadet :)
  19. Hi my son is currently down at BRNC and our families weekend is coming up. I only booked a hotel for the Saturday night as we are travelling up on the Saturday morning because I didn't realise they could come off on Friday night My question is...what time can you get in on the Saturday? I've looked everywhere for information on it and only managed to find this thread. Thanks for any advice

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