BRNC entry delay

If anyone has any advice on this subject it would be greatly appreciated

I will soon be attending my AIB at Dartmouth but what I am wandering was that in the event that I am successful and chosen to begin at BRNC in February for example, what is the protocol if I wanted to delay my entry until May or September in that year. The reason I ask is that my application has gone through much quicker than I could ever have expected. As a result I was meant to be going travelling for the first part of next year but this may clash with a possible BRNC entry date.

Due to the fact that places are highly sought after, is it possible or very much frowned upon?

Or are you able to specifically request BRNC entry dates?

I imagine you would be placed in the next selection board. There would be no guarantee to being selected as the pool of candidates would be different and you would be judged against them. Your AIB pass, assuming you do pass, only lasts for a year so it's a fairly bold move to remove yourself from one of the selection boards.

Also AIB isn't at Dartmouth.
When AIB get in touch to book you onto a board they will ask you for your preferred entry date. If it's the same for you as it was for me, they won't book you onto a board until the cycle before your preferred intake... so if you indicate you want May intake they won't board you until after the Jan intake.

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