BRNC - Confirmation Course

Firstly, let me apologise for starting yet another thread. I think (hope) this will be the last one prior to my upcoming sift interview.

In addition to the overall training pipeline (For those of you looking for this, @CmdKeen helpfully gave a detailed account of the current training pipeline, which can be found here), I highly anticipate a question specifically asking about the two week confirmation course at BRNC.

Can anyone shed any light on what exactly is covered over the two weeks? It doesn't seem to be covered in any great detail anywhere on google or on this forum. Ordinarily I would ask someone at my unit, but due to summer leave, I won't see anyone prior to my interview.

I know that at some point on the course you undertake ABLE - the 72 hour leadership exercise on Dartmoor where you'll be required to do PLT's. I suspect there will be drill and theory lessons on strategy, or on the principles of leadership and command??

It'd be great if anyone can give a more detailed chronology of the two weeks? Or at least point out the pertinent events/assessments? For example, does the RNR course have Frantic Fridays?

Thanks in advance.
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