BRNC April 2009

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by _Mk8_, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. To carry on from the "Thank you" thread, this is probably a good place for us Newbies (though not for long!) to chat about the upcoming April BRNC intake. I'm also going aircrew (P) and got my letter through last Friday :)

    Just spent the last few hours reading through the "All about BRNC" thread - for those that haven't, just skip to ml2sjw's post on page 4 for the best advice!

    It's interesting there hasn't been much talk of confirmations from any of the other branches - I wonder if it's just been the FAA board that have done the selection early.
  2. Re: BRNC April 2008

    Ermmm April 2008 as per your title as been and gone. If our future officer can't tell what time of the year it is god help us!
  3. *Ahem* dutifully amended...won't happen again!
  4. Hi, I received the same letter last week, confirming entry for April 09 (subject to medical clearance) for Warfare (Submarines).
  5. Good to hear! I've been scouting about on YouTube looking for any videos on BRNC, came across the RAF IOC which, whilst I'm aware it will be vastly different, gives an insight into the kind of exercises and training we may be undertaking. If you're interested the link is here:

    I was amused, but not surprised, to find that someone called Sentenashi has also been flaming this site too in the comments section!
  6. I got my confirmation letter through on Saturday, Logistics.
  7. There's also a BRNC Facebook group that's got a quite a few members and potentially useful bits of advice on it.
  8. Careful with Facebook! (and this site to a limited extent) Commander T also logs in and reads everything you have to say. Plus the fact you're advertising yourselves to any potential nasty people exactly what you are doing and where you are going to be.
  9. Facebook is great, but does come with the obvious health warning! Security wise just be careful who you are chatting to and make sure you don't publicise any meeting/entry dates.
  10. P_O, I take it you were as underwhelmed by the security lecture by the chief as we were a few terms before? Since leaving the RN and getting back into the IT industry I've learnt that I can get a great profile on people through the t'interweb - especially dangerous when you get further up the echelons and start handling more sensitive stuff - people can track you and your family...
  11. Cheers for the advice guys! Fortunately I can't join any facebook groups until I hand in my notice in my current job anyway (which won't be until February at least)- they think I'm in for life!

    Potential_Officer - forgot to thank you as well for the advice in the "All About BRNC" thread too, lots of useful bits in there. Have you passed out yet?
  12. I'm surprised that you guys have found out already about April 09!? I was told by PSO that selections would be made beginning of March
  13. Yeah I'm surprised myself - I was told I'd find out in March. It could be something to do with going back to three entries a year - I've seen some posts saying that it's causing a large backlog of applicants...
  14. Does anyone know if PSO is still in his office? Or has he gone on leave already?
  15. It's OK, spoke to him this morning. There are a few people who have been offered places already, however I got the impression that there are quite a few places so for those of hoping to get plucked will still have a chance.
  16. Best of luck! I joined in January this year and passed out in October. It wont be anything like you are expecting. I enjoyed parts of it, but there is a lot of rubbish to put up with. If, like me you joined to be a Pilot, grit your teeth. Its really 'Navy Warfare' orientated until you pass out of the place.

    Rather you than me again chap.

    Good luck
  17. Congrats.

    God I would love to be in your position, it seems a complete impossibility that I'll ever be a pilot.
  18. Sounds familiar - especially Rule of the Road malarkey! "You're still a warfare officer and expected to know it."

    Though the syllabus is changing in April and a longer IST deployment to include CFT?

    Mind you one hopes they haven't changed too much to flight phase, best one in the college.
  19. Ahh flight phase. What a complete doss.
  20. IST is now 10 weeks, with CFT going altogether.

    Rumour control, out.

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