BRNC April 2009- Remaining Places

Hi, this is to anyone who might have some information! I passed my AIB in September 2008 and was told by the AIB captain that I would be informed in March 09 if I had secured a place at the BRNC April intake. Since then I have been told varying dates such as mid Feb and even early Feb to when the selection commitee meets.

Whilst looking at RR I have noticed that many people in most branches (if not all) have already been given their invitation letters to the April intake at BRNC. Im just wondering and a little concerned incase all the places have gone.

If anyone has any information regarding the number of possible remaining places for the April intake and to why people have been given their invitations so early (some as early as December) It would be very much apreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Ps: Ignore all the grammer and spelling mistakes I was writing this with one eye on the boss and the other on my client. I really should get back to work!


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As far as I am aware, the selection committee meets the month before the intake, so the closest I can get you is March sometime. I very much doubt all the places have gone already. Apparently what happens (has this was news to me) is that if they like the look of you then they may offer you a place early, although this is still subject to medical and official clearances.

So don't despair yet! What branch are you applying for?
Hey buggerit84 thanks for the reply! I'm applying for warfare however i don't mind at all if they put me as warfare submariner that was my second choice. It's more about becoming a RN officer they can stick me anywhere they need me.

Congrats on your invitation anyway mate, I'm genuinely pleased for you but also a little green. I never knew they invited you early if they like you I thought they must have started and finished the selection process. I suppose it means you got an impressive score at the AIB (either that or you wore more lipstick than me :lol: )

Do you think i should call the AIB and ask them about my chances. I called them in mid-December and they told me I'm still looking good for April. That said I also know it takes only one person with a better score to knock me out of that spot. I would like to just wait and see but im out of the country at the moment and just need to think about coming home and doing some hard graft if I am to be selected.

Any thought would be great!


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I'm sure Ninja will correct me if I'm wrong but I think Warfare is rather oversubscribed, so that would probably explain why you haven't had an early offer! I really wasn't expecting anything until March, so was a very pleasant surprise! I'm applying for aircrew and only got a good pass at AIB rather than a very good, I think it was a combination of AIB and my FATs scores that did it. Either that or the pink tie and the glint in my eye... :p And thanks!

If they reckoned you were looking good in mid-December I doubt much has changed. What score did you get in AIB? By all means call AIB but I think they'll probably just tell you the same as before. As regards to coming home, I don't think there's anything you can do at this point that would improve your chances, unless you know someone amenable to bribes and has a say in who goes! ;)

Hope this helps!
Hi Brass-cap, I'm very much in the same boat as you at the moment, also applying for warefare, passed AIB in october and haven't heard anything yet so your not the only one! I was also told by my AIB president and my AFCO that the selection meeting would take place in March and usually takes place 6 weeks before the entry date. I'm guessing here but I figured that the early offers were going to people who had really impressed at AIB (or worn lots of lipstick, or both!) and got good pass marks, although please correct me if I'm wrong.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for both of us and congrats to buggerit84 on securing a place, hope to see you both at the BRNC in the not-to-distant future


I think it would be very unlikely that all the places have been taken. I've already been given my date for April and know of a few others on this site but out of approx 140 places (I think) there will still be plenty more. The AIB wouldn't say that they decide in March if they chose everyone before! So I wouldn't worry mate.



Hi brass cap,

im going in apr 09 warfare andi must have sat my AIB roughly the same time as you.

an important point to remember is that as they are only doing 3 intakes a year now (as opposed to 6), twice as many people have to be considered for the same intake (which is twice as big) (so the board are most likely spreading out selection to ensure they get the best candidates).

which is gash for you, but at the same time you have more boards for your name to be put forward.

definately ring the 2 1/2 TSO, he's really helpful.

best of luck with it mate

hopefully see you down there!
Thanks for the replies! Has anyone got the number and the best time to call the 2 1/2 (Not really sure what that means is it the rank) TSO on. As I'm away I have not got any details with me.

I dony suppose the waiting would be so bad for me if I had time to spare. Unfortunatley time and age are not on my side and I doubt very much if that fact has any influence on selection.

To buggerit84 not really sure what area my points fit into as my ACLO moved on just before I got my debrief so never really had one. I did get "reasonably confident" on my post AIB letter regarding the chance of selection but I dont really know if that means much in the whole scheme of things. All I do know is that I got 10-12 (EI, PC, CV etc) in the planning exercise. 10-13 (varying sections also) in the final interview and unfortunatley 7-10 in Practicle leadership test. Dont really know if that means anything to you or not. The rest of my scores were satisfactory/average to good in the other tests.


2 1/2 = Lieutenant Commander (Due to the two and a half gold ring which show his/her rank).

Good luck, and don't panic, there is plenty of time before people are due at BRNC for April intake!


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What is probably not helping is whilst there 'will now be 3 intakes a year' at BRNC instead of 6, in practice there's only 2 this year and next year as there are no January intakes, which means there will be even more people from which to select. Keep your hopes up though, I never had my debrief but that sounds pretty good to me!

From what I have heard they are desperate for Warfare (Submariner) officers so maybe if you say that you're more than willing to do that? How old are you? I'm not sure how it works in other branches but certainly for aircrew they give the older ones higher priority if they like the look of you as you have to be at BRNC by your 26th birthday.

Either way, whatever happens, I hope to see you all in April! Oh, also see if there's anyone at your AFCOs who have commissioned in the last year or so and are on a holdover between courses. I found a Sub-Lt at mine a few weeks ago and he gave me loads of hints, tips and advice for BRNC which I have a feeling will be invaluable!

Oh, and here's something that might help you Brass-Cap ;)


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Do you know the reason why there are no Jan intakes next year? This is when I had planned to attend AIB in time for. :S Perhaps I should reconsider! I wonder if I could finish my current work in time for the September intake...
In their wisdom the powers that be have decided to allocate places in a new and more up to date way.
All applicants plus a few non applicants that the committee decide on will be put in a Big Brother style mess deck at the old Leadership school HMS Royal Arfer.
It is understood that Creddley and Chicojizz have been invited to attend but that is supposedly being kept under wraps.
Once in the BB mess deck all contact with the outside world will be cut.
Once deprived of their mobile phones and Ipods it is estimated that at least 50% of mess members will quit.
Internet will be available in the form of a Sinclair Spectrum, the person who manages to successfully connect to the INTERNET will be offered an engineering officer position.
No takeaway meals will be allowed, all meals will be prepared by the contestants from real ingredients. the contestant producing the best meal will be offered a supply occifer position.
The contestant bringing the most quality porn mags ( as decided by the staff) will be offered Education occifer.
Finally there will be two other commissioned occifer positions which will be decided by the viewers vote.
This vote of course in true BBC fashion will be over ruled if the vote does not coincide with the judges choice.

Judges are
Hig the Pig.... Known to be completely unbiased
SgtP .............Upholder of the Law
Maxi_77.........Cos he might remember what an occifer does
Angrydoc........Duty M.O.
OldJenny........Duty Mother figure
Slim...............Duty Old Fart.

As in all competitions the judges decision are final but may be changed if bribes are offered.
Hi buggrit84 im 25 now and I'll be 26 by September which is obviously too old to enter Warfare. As I said before this is one of my last chances to enter BRNC without becoming a rating first. I do believe you can be older than that to enter in the Supply branch but correct me if I'm wrong.

Who would have thought it, being too old at 26. I had better start looking at pension schemes :lol:
I joined BRNC at 34 as an E(TM) so all is not lost!

I was told by the Schoolie at BRNC that they moved it to 3 intakes per year. The drive is to save money on funeral expenses by only putting the lifeless corpses of the playstation generation into the mass grave 3 times a year after ABLE.

Living down that part of the world myself, it's nice to see Dartmoor covered with snow - the cherubs will not have to worry about the wet/dry routine, more the freezing cold/hypothermia routine.


Lantern Swinger
I don't know why there are no January intakes this year or next as it's never been explained, I was just told that's how it will be by the folks at AIB! Maybe your AFCO would be able to tell you? I know what you mean by being old! I always seem to end up being the oldest one on anything I go on! I'm not sure about age limits on the supply chain but I'm sure it'll be on the RN website, most stuff is.

And slim, how will aircrew occifers be selected? Whoever comes up with the most inventive way to get bevvied when there's no booze around? ;)
buggerit84 said:
And slim, how will aircrew occifers be selected? Whoever comes up with the most inventive way to get bevvied when there's no booze around? ;)
:wink: :wink: Helps if you have a double barrelled name, plum in mouth, rayburns, and a Bentley Blower parked outside :wink: :wink:
buggerit84 said:
Well I have a double-barrelled name, plum in mouth, an old-school tie and a Breitling, does that count? ;)
You have just made it as an Observer :wink: :wink: But not as a PILOT!!!! :oops:

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