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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by pjlh1, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. I have been trying to find general rules with regards to the standards in the BRNC application medical but have come to no avail. I was wondering whether anyone on this site could answer my question through their knowledge or experience in this field.

    Basically i am applying for warfare officer at BRNC Dartmouth and did my medical three weeks ago. Upon calling the surgery they said they had to write to my GP re: an arthroscopy that i had done in 2008 following a skiing accident. My ligaments were in fine working order and did not need repair but i got a bit of cartilage removed.

    Now it appears i am TMU and my application has been passed to the Naval Medical Board for review. If anyone has knowledge of the this process then please let me know what my chances are in being declared fit because i am completely in the dark.

    I am fully fit and play high level rugby, regularly run and row and have been skiing several times since the surgery and have not had a single ache or pain in my knee since.

    Sorry for the long post but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Welcome to Rum Ration, pjlh1!

    Rum Ration has a real live Royal Navy Doctor on board; he is always the best person on questions like this one.

    With a bit of luck, he will be doing a ward round either this evening or tomorrow, so look out for a reply then.

  3. Do you know their username? i could message the question.

  4. Apols for the delay. I have no excuse whatsoever.

    What you have described would not preclude military service. I suspect the thrust of TMUing you is to get the report from the surgeon who scoped you. Referring you upwards seems a bit extreme though. As long as it was only a bit of cartilage, was over a year ago, and you've been doing phys up to military training standard (eg running with a pack) then you should be fine. Your surgeon's report is important though.

    Guys and girls- if you have something unusual in your medical background, then get copies of relevant letters or reports from your GP before the medical. It saves you, and us, loads of time. And, to an extent, is common sense.

    RN Medical Officer
  5. Thanks for the advice.

    Just heard from Navy and i have passed the medical which is great news.

    Now on to the fitness test and interviews. Not too long to go now.

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