BRNC - any tips on getting ahead with study material?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by kate_andrewsAIBdone, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. Any books to read that will be invaluable and put you in good stead for all the learning at BRNC. I passed my AIB on thursday so just watiting to hear if I get selected so fingers crossed :)
  2. Rule of the Road. Have fun.....
  3. Rule of the road, rule of the road, rule of the BLOODY road.

    Oh, and one of the essays you'll have to do will invariably be on Gallipoli, so get a decent book on the campaign. I benefited immeasurably from being able to, in the first term, write my essay off the top of my head.

    Otherwise, good luck
  4. I concur rule of the road, 18 rules to memorise, but several are multiple part rules and some of the parts are 5 or 6 lines long. Plus it has to be word for word verbatim.
    What branch are you going for Kate?
    Best of luck, if you get selected I will see you in September.
    (Mods - can someone move this to the BRNC thread please? :) )
  5. And remember - it doesn't matter which branch you're going to, still rule of the road. Welcome to the dabbers world!
  6. Not a good start! Its 19 rules verbatim, plus another 16 non-verbatim!!!
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    MOD EDIT and polite notice - Don't muck about with PERSEC even in jest.
  8. bad 2DD....

    I presume one of the Mod's is going to contact "kate" as well?
  9. Sorry I couldn't resist, I mean look at the stupid bint's username.

    Don't worry ma'am there are only 2200 people on facebook with your name, eventually someone will work out which one you are. :lol:
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    I don't want to seem a killjoy, but just remember that this is a newbie forum and people here don't necessarily get PERSEC in the way we do. I know its fun to wind people up, but just on this area, give them some slack and don't go out of your way to be a complete kn*bjockey.

    Outside of here is fair game, but if you want to hang around and post on the Newbie forum, then keep it constructive - just remember that we were all 'noobs' once!

    Here endeth the lesson...
  11. aww, dad.....
  12. Awesome.
  13. Mis-key there :oops: 8 being beside the 9 and posting while half asleep.
    Didn't want to scare her off by mentioning the non verbatim as well :wink: the first 19 are bad enough.
  14. Do as your father tells you me lad!
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    Its ok she has her shades on, nobody will recognize her.

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