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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by officer_inland, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone. I started at BRNC in January and found this site really useful and feel I should give something back. So if anyone wants any help or tips about being here then PM me or respond to this thread! :)
  2. The lads on the lower deck :roll: :roll: Want to know " whats your mess chit number SNOTTY " :lol: :lol:
  3. Hey. Just a few quickies that have brushed my mind.

    1) Do you get time off, like rest days, or is it 7 full days a week of training. For example, I will have a lot of friends that will be down that way at University, so would be nice if I could catch up with them on like a weekend or something?

    2) How do you get paid, is it weekly? Monthly?

    3) What are your personal best parts and worst?

  4. Mate, your whole life is going to be about the Navy so I suggest leaving the Uni mates until the main leave periods when you can regale them with dits of derring do (probably made up, but they're not going to know that) and concentrate on having a few beers in the Dartmouth Arms and Floaters with the people you're going to spend your career serving with.

    Pay is monthly by the way.
  5. One question I do have is about the main leave periods. After each term, roughly what amount of leave do you get?
  6. I can actually answer that as it says in the joining pack.
    - Christmas leave: 3 weeks
    - Easter leave: 2 weeks
    - Summer leave: up to 5 weeks

    For my part, I've actually got a question about the PT side of things. Did you feel the pre-joining fitness programme prepared you adequately for BRNC, and if not, what would you recommend adding or putting more effort into?
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm not an officer, never have been and never will be but as a gobby ex OR can I chuck my pennies worth in?

    The pre joining fitness tests seemed like a joke when I joined up, they were kind of like the warm up before you start the PT session. That said you are a recruit, be it officer or grunt, your training team aren't looking for the finished article or expecting it when you stroll through the gates of BRNC. The pre joining fitness programme is what it says on the tin, by all means be fitter than the minimum standard required, go for all round fitness, bit of running bit of weights. Best of luck to you.
  8. Forget what it says about leave periods.
    It used to be like that but they found that allowing Snotties to have more than five days leave at a time was not conducive to their training. More than five days meant that they had forgotten everything that they had been taught and training had to begin from day 1 again :p
  9. Is it true they make Northerners have elocution lessons there?

    If not why not?
  10. Are you suggesting that one's diction is not quite what it should be old chap?
  11. Yes. You bad speaking Northern dog shit.
  12. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I was outside having a shit in my outdoor lav. I then had to feed the whippet, the pigeons and then walk into the village to buy Hovis and tripe for lunch.
  13. 8O LUNCH!! :roll: Another northerner trying to come all over posh :wink:
  14. I know. It's disgusting isn't it.

    Next thing you know they'll be shitting indoors and driving cars instead of tractors.
  15. Another question about BRNC.

    Do you get lessons on how to dress like a complete cnut or does it come naturally?
  16. I think that it is IOT 101, that and learning to say "errrrr" in between every sentence.
  17. I wouldn't go getting your hopes up about any time off. During the first 28 weeks training you'll get one weekend leave (Friday PM to Monday AM) for sure. After that it's anyone's guess.

    The needs of the ship come before the needs of OCs, so when your IFT ship is alongside preparing to depart 3 days after your Easter leave starts, you won't get Easter leave. Even if you are lucky enough to get the full timetabled leave, you'll be expected to spend at least a week of it doing other activities organised by the college like scuba diving or sailing.

    The training is pretty much 7 days a week / 16 (sometimes more) hrs a day for the first 5-7 weeks. After week 7 almost every weekend is your own, apart from church and duties, however, you still have to peg in before 0700 each morning and can't leave until after colours. That means you can't just leave Friday and come back Monday morning, but you can stay in a hotel in Dartmouth if your friends or girlfriend(s) want to visit you there. You do also have quite a bit of unscheduled work to do at the weekends (studying/writing/ironing).
  18. Ah fair enough. Wasn't expecting to get all that time off to myself, as I knew you needed to do AT and stuff during the breaks. Doesn't really bother me anyway, part of the reason I joined is because it's a whole lifestyle not just a job.
  19. BRNC Question for you...

    With regard to the Rule of the Road tests. Can you confirm it is 1-19 verbatim and 20-38 good working knowledge...

  20. Sorry, don't get much chance to get on the net so only just got on to reply...
    You won't get any days off until after ABLE during week 7 when you get your first weekend leave. This is the time when you will also start getting evening leave so can head out into Dartmouth etc. We also have had the last 2 saturdays off with not a lot on on Sundays either. TBH, I've been so busy that I haven't had that much time to head into town anyway apart from on the weekends when we tend to go out for some drinks (unless you're on duty).

    Pay is monthly

    As for personal best and worst worst part has defo been ABLE. It's possibly the hardest, most physical thing I have ever had to do and I think it was a culture shock for a lot of people. Depending on your build before arriving I'd say to work on upper body strength and stamina before arriving. Also, personal admin is key for that. As for the best part...probably BSSC...Basic Sea Survival Course where you go to Pompey for a week and do firefighting and play in the DRIU...sorry, I mean learn how to extinguish fires and stop flooding. But in all honesty, it was brilliant fun.

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