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Really nothing has changed since Elizabeth, and having been warranted for the past twelve years, things have been going from z to a. But of course no one is going to admit to that one, especially if school fees reach into the five figures. Another politician is born. Keep it in the family that's what I say.
Never have I heard greater words of wisdom.
Even if you do say so yourself.
A couple of tips from a NE bod:

You need to be fitter than the Pre-Join Instructions suggest. You will suffer needlessly during IMF if you cannot complete press ups, sit ups and burpees when you're hanging out. The biggest shock to a lot of people this term has been the discipline that accompanies the fitness - you will come to fear the phrase "get a grip of your bodies".

Toughen up your feet. The number of people who have gone down with foot issues this term has been eye-opening; you are joining a military service and have a duty of care to yourself. Learn to look after your feet (you will be taught, but three weeks too late) - zinc oxide tape on hotspots, go to Med Bay for large or popped blisters for extra proptection. Do not let it escalate to 'open wound' stage.

Sports... you will not play as much sport as you might like to in Term 1. It is basic military training - you either do not have the time, or cannot be excused from a vital part of the timetable. Focus on staying injury-free and getting through what is genuinely a fairly abrasive first few weeks.

Finally, embrace it. Play the game or you will break down quickly. You need to accept that even if your kit is perfect and your fitness good, you will be getting beasted at various points. Yes, it sucks and yes, it hurts. But it ends. And you're being paid a bloody good wage to get fitter - embrace it and drip about it afterwards.

If anyone has any Qs, feel free to send a PM. I can't promise quick replies, but I'll always give a real answer.


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I'm 22, but will probably have turned 23 by the time I start my application and the role is warfare officer (surface fleet). I've had a look at that page but it was focussed on run times. I'm happy with the way my run time is progressing (currently 12min 16s, but down from over 17min!), but am more concerned with any strength exercises (press-ups etc) that I would need to be able to do during training
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It took me a while to think of these.

The College itself is good fun when you play the game, and you soon build up a strong camraderie with your oppos. In my division, I know that 95% of them would dig out for me if needed and that's always going to help people gel together.

The worst bit is that despite multiple briefings to the contrary, there is a very clear difference in how certain groups are treated. Male UK cadets are held to different standards than both internationals, and some female cadets. It does cause tensions and is difficult to manage. The ability to turn on the tears at opportune moments seems to get people out of various beastings or remedials, and I cannot tell you how irritating it gets.
Hi all!

I am looking to join as ATC officer, can anyone tell me what the intake is like for this position?

Also, roughly what is the male to female ratio at BRNC?

Male to female ratio is heavily in favour of the men - about 9:1.

ATC is a very small branch and the intakes don't generally have more than 3 ATC spaces. They also have to pass grading during IWOF(F) which thins people out even more, as passing is by no means guaranteed.
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