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Has anybody else received their email from Mrs Goodman about the vetting forms for entry on the 12th of September? I imagine it will be quite a young intake since that's when all of the sponsors (like myself) join!


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Right, I'm an old hand now after almost a month here.

Bring an iron and an ironing board - the biggest and bestest you can. You'll be better off for it.

Bring a laptop - or if you know who will be in your division sort that out between yourselves. Hugely useful for presentations.

Your personal draw is big enough for a large 15" or small 17" laptop in addition to as much stuff as you actually need.

Don't be too worried about bringing extra stuff, it can live in the baggage store and you'll be able to get into that about as often as you need.


The first two days and night of BLD are now held on Dartmoor rather than the College grounds. Top tip: don't choose menu 10 for your ration packs, it has the most horrendous and morale sapping muesli that has ever cursed the face of this earth.


Royal Tea - Congratulations! Which branch have you been selected for? I spoke to my AFCO on Friday (couldn't help it, the wait is killing me!) and he said that they hadn't made the final selection yet....
rule of the road, rule of the road, and more rule of the road.......:sleepy2:

Rules of the Road - Made Easy for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

exactly what I was after, doesn't help your understanding of the rules but helps you learn them verbatim.
Basically blanks sections of the rules like the fleet exams.... confident for 100% next time

seen Rn(x)1 mention this program on another post, me and most of my oppos are now using it, thought it was worth a mention here :)

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