BRNC 18 Nov

Well good afternoon all, It has been a whilse since I have posted on here asking for advice and assistance (in fact, about 2007, just before joining HMS Raleigh).

Anyway, I have passed my AIB and have been extracted and will be joining the dark side 18 November.

Does anyone, who has done the new set up at BRNC (3x10 week terms), have any tips/advice of what to expect?

Also, wrt leave, I am hoping (as it is the only one I really care about) that the Christmas Leave dates are set in stone?

And finally, is anyone else starting this November?

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And there was me, getting a notification thinking it would be something helpful, oh silly me. I should have known better.

I know what the 3 terms are, (yay, I can't wait for the first one), I was meaning more advice to someone who has been in the navy. A lot of the advice seems directed at Graduates or A Level students. I have no idea what is expected (other than the answer I have always received 'more') from a UY. I am presuming [dangerous word] that it will be just more leadership when not under instruction. Although I have been known to be wrong in the past...
I know what the book tells you; working towards ABLE first term, MARL second, Fleet Board third. Militarisation, marinisation and IFT phases. Also, when BSSC etc is carried out. I could more or less give you the full 30 weeks spiel, although that isn't what I am asking.

I am asking for the more real insight. I know I am doing the full 3 terms, that really doesn't phase me. I think my post has been misinterpreted, and in will apologise if that's how it came across.

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