Brits Think Churchill Didn't Exist


The term "brits".
Does this mean they asked people their nationality before asking the question or did they just ask anyone. if they just asked the average person in most city centres then 60% would not be "brits".
I asked a security type looking yellow jacket person the way to the hospital over here.

Go round the circley circley meaning roundabout then down round another circley circley. Think he was a Lithuanian type person.
Are you surprised?
Having a head teacher as a friend he was kind enough to tell me the following:
History is optional!
Foreign languages are optional and not taught until the age of 13!
Geography is optional and doesn't include map reading!
It is not thought exceptional that 15 year olds cannot read or write, and can't do their shoes laces up unless they are those velcro things!
I thought he was joking at first, but no, it appears to be the truth.
That's the state of the UK:eek:r more correct England.
He looked confused that I couldn't understand this and I headed for the scotch bottle!
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