Britons trust politicians less than car salesmen


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HarryBosch said:
How is this news? Slim, are you the last man alive to be reading the Readers Digest? :lol: :lol: :lol:
Harry I stopped reading Readers Digest many years ago.
However when on a trials flight at Aberporth during the Falklands crisis we had a Leading hand who received lots of mail (he had a large family and wrote many letters). We had another leading hand who received no mail (never wrote to anyone) and often complained that he received none. In the crewroom we had dozens of Readers Digests, so the rest of the flight filled out his name on all the adverts and sen them in. One week later the mail for said killick arrived by the dozen and did not stop, in fact it is probably still arriving today.
Funniest bit was the SMR received a phone call from the main gate telling him that there was a visitor for said killick. The killick was not available so SMR asked if he could help. Seems it was a salesman who had driven all the way from Cardiff to carry out tests to see which hearing aid would be most suitable. :p
Poor pollies! I can't say I'm remotely surprised though. Trust begins at home! I remember just before Blair became PM that I had a discussion with my work colleagues at my lowly grade, and only 2 of us were going to bother to vote: as a matter of principle. The others saw no point. I grew up in a politically informed environment and have been interested in politics most of my life. Getting people like me to vote is easy. The problem is engendering confidence in the wider electorate. That means promises must be kept, not repeatedly reneged upon and spin needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

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