Britney Spears phot - WARNING!


War Hero
In case you're wondering about the Britney Spears No Knickers stories, here's a non-pixellated version:-


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Britney Upskirt Phot


War Hero
Nah, she probably had caesarian at eight months followed by a bit of plastic surgery - the old 'Mend It Like Beckham'.
don't you think it looks like a cut & paste job? The angles look all wrong somehow. Nothing wrong with wearing no knickers anyway - much more hygienic - especially in hot weather :)
Indeed, I often do not, but I would not wish my bits to be flashed around the world on the internet.

PS BTW GR you were soooo right about the swimming cossie scene in Casino Royal. I would soooo not kick the new 007 out of bed for eating crisps!