Britney Spears phot - WARNING!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. Doesnt work for me Shakey.
  2. I can't get it to work either ,
  3. Have seen it on other sites.....crap
  4. She does go Commando then , mmmmmmmmm , :lol:
  5. Seen better, then she has seen some serious action and passed the odd child through aforesaid orifice!
  6. Nah, she probably had caesarian at eight months followed by a bit of plastic surgery - the old 'Mend It Like Beckham'.
  7. Urgh, she's got her dirty arse all over that car leather.
  8. eeeuuuuww that is sooo not attractive and how common!

    Perhaps we can have a phot of a celeb willy? I can start with Jude Law ...
  9. don't you think it looks like a cut & paste job? The angles look all wrong somehow. Nothing wrong with wearing no knickers anyway - much more hygienic - especially in hot weather :)
  10. Indeed, I often do not, but I would not wish my bits to be flashed around the world on the internet.

    PS BTW GR you were soooo right about the swimming cossie scene in Casino Royal. I would soooo not kick the new 007 out of bed for eating crisps!
  11. No apparantly not a cut & paste as she promissed a better sohot op next time, lo and behold she flashes again the next day!!!
  12. glad you liked it Rosy - makes a change from all these softy hollywood types - lets hope more are on the way

    p.s. wouldn't you do it for megamoney though ? :wink:
  13. No, do know I don't think I would. Both my fathers would be beyond mortified and I am sure there is a better way of making money than flashing ones gash. Besides it is little better than prostitution.

    And before any of you smart arse matelots start about my civvie job being little better than prostitution ....
  14. BOTH your fathers? Crikey Rosie, is there something I have missed with the biological system. Or were they both there at the time of conception? :oops: :lol:
  15. The only difference with your "profession" and the prostitute Rosie is the word "legal"!!! You charge a little higher but the prostitute gives more satisfaction surely?? :D :D :wink:

  16. I wondered about that as well Rosie , !!!!!!!!!!!!! :?

  17. Mmmmmm
    Nice new avatar dondon
  18. Oh FFS I am adopted. What is the matter with you blokes.

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