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Discussion in 'Charity' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 28, 2006.

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  2. The card seems like a good Idea


    Subscription prices per annum ? joining fee ?
    Copies of service records ???

    With available discounts given by most big companies and with access to the web I would suggest people shop around .

    Only card required---a valid debit or credit card!!
  3. Whilst the idea seems good, and I have no objection to paying an annual fee for administration charges, it does smack of civilians jumping on the 'bandwagon'! If we're going to have something like this (and by God we should) surely the idea is that as you hand in your service ID card, if you have the requisite time in you get issued with one of these, and a 'Veterans Lapel Badge' after all if you've got the guts to sign on 'tis not the posting that you get or the campaigns you do that matter (some obviously worse than others) but the fact you stood up to be counted that matters!
  4. Absolutetly!

  5. I was unable to access the link provided by JD, but this is not really a new issue. The argument has been around for years and from what I read here it just looks more likely to happen, albeit at a price and that’s what really bugs me!

    My thoughts echo the words included by safewalrus. This should have been introduced years ago and should be free and immediate on handing in your old ID. Other countries manage to do it without problems and their veterans qualify for tons of discounts and freebies.

    The point about civilians jumping on the bandwagon is valid. It seems that whenever the Government or MOD can no longer afford to give or do something (Navy Days in Plymouth for an example) they contract it out and we end up paying through the nose for accessing something which was once freely available to us and that many have given decades of their lives to.

    Insulting doesn't even begin to describe it.

  6. Hi All

    There is the MOD Veterans Agency:

    who are currently awarding Veteran lapel badges to ex service personnel who have completed service dates up to 31/12/1959.

    It is their intention to eventually award this to all personnel who complete their service engagements, maybe this could tie in with the id card.

  7. Why would anyone miss having an ID card???? WTF?
    I understand getting discounts, but just wanting an ID card? It would be OK if you could use it as valid ID for opening bank accounts or travel etc. then OK.
    Paying an annual fee for maybe using the odd discount, seems like a feed to me.
  8. It depends who has shares in the company... asking for service records... maybe the IRA, Al Qaida, or Sam the Man Dicosta... the mind boggles. Hey Sam, is it true? :twisted:
  9. Come on Lingyai a run ashore wasn't classified as a good run unless you'd lost your ID card. You paid your annual fee in our day when you got to the commanders table. 7 days stoppage of leave and £10 for a new card
  10. I last lost my i d and had to fill in the report for the administartive charge (read fine) for a new one. I knew where it was ish, I had left it at the reception of a short time hotel in Dubai when I was boning a whore from the garage bar. Didn't realise till I got back to the gate and then it was too late, I would never find the place again. Wrote the truth on the report though, no sense in lying. Ah, memories, dusky little thing from Ethiopia as I remember.....
  11. this card has been doing the rounds for ages, think it started on forces reunited
  12. I never lost my ID card but I grand slammed a couple of times. Does that count?
  13. Still got my paybook somewhere .

    Only ever had one and its a real historic memory jerker.
    The photo is me as a 16 year old
    Its got more sweat,beer,blood and other stains on it from runs ashore .

    Everything in it -leave dates ,medical records and jabs clothing issues.

    ID cards were too easy lost

  14. Good man , never been with an Ethiopian , love Brazilians though , 8) :lol:
  15. They all look the same upside down mate :lol: :lol:
  16. I try & compare the aromas in the cellar areas , mmmmm
  17. I wonder if all the foreign tangles we are all involved with now will help to make the service recognised by the country. It's a shame that our government do not recognise or really appreciate the committment of our troops. Nowadays there are more and more extended deployments with fewer personnel or equipment available. People are becoming dis-heartened with the extended time away and are beginning to leave. Who can blame them? Even with this well published spin of the bonus pay to cover tax when away is not recognition. I think this is a knee jerk reaction to a sudden retention problem. This should be in place anyway. RFA crews obtain this perk, and so do NAAFI staff on long deployments. How one person is entitled, when the rest of the crew on the same ship, is not, is beyond me! If the serving troops are not being looked after what hope the veterans?? You would like to think that someone who has served their country would achieve some recognition. The Americans certainly look after their servicemen during service and after. We could certainly learn from them, (in this case). So a veterans ID card and badge should be small beer for the government. If they stopped restructuring to save money they might finally see the trees!

    Rant over.........stows soap box....... :evil:
  18. Still got mine as well mate. Every time I look at it, it brings back memories of marching up to the pay table, showing the paybook and getting my £7 every fortnight. Seemed to go a lot further in those days though.
  19. £7 you were living in luxury, pure luxury, I was only picking up a £5er and it was not enough to last a fortnight unless you drank scrumpy at a tanner a pint in the Wheelers in Torpoint!
  20. Good point theVeterans Agency are handing out Lapel Badges and a certificate to all people who have served up to 1904,i just got mine and its very well presented i personally think the only poeple running these schemes should be veteran organisations,who would dirctly benefit from them

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