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British to continue fighting wars

On Radio 4 news at ten Colonel Tim Collins has just postulated that Gordon Brown may wish to run the armed forces down to the state of being an aggressive camping organisation.
There's hope for you yet AaC!

Look at the figures. France spends less, both as %GDP and straight capital, yet they have 58,000 more servicemen and lots of shiny new war canoes for them to play with.......

that'll be the two wars they're not fighting then
Maybe it's just me but I find it absolutely incredible that he would stand on the deck of a warship and make this speech, especially so hot on the heels of drastic talk of motballing ships, freezing promotion and downsizing personnel numbers whilst suggesting that the level of activity will go on, if not increase.

Shame there weren't any rotten tomatoes lying about!

Still, on the bright side I hear that the Aussie's have just listed a load of categories that they're trying to recruit naval personnel into with, as I understand it, complete citizenship to go with it.

phil1972 said:
I am unconvinced about the numbers quoted by the BBC see this link:

Figures would have been more useful if expressed as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product.

What the figures don't show is our massive spend on fighting the wars, we shouldn't be sitting back in warm satisfaction that we are only behind the Yanks in terms of dollars spent, rather, that the commitment to the war on terrorism isn't being shouldered fairly by the rest of our allies!! The Frogs and Krauts should be ashamed of their level of support, look at how near the top of the list they are compared to Poland and Denmark!! The Canadians deserve a massive pat on the back for their contribution and sacrifice!!

We can't afford this war, we need to invest in our armed forces, not just sustain them in a perpetual state of semi-war, we WILL run out of steam! At the end of the day, if you take out the operational costs of actually fighting these wars, we would be spending significantly less on defence than most of our European 'allies'.

I hope the day is coming when Mr Bliar gets an obscene amount of egg on his face, when he commits us to a conflict that we can't afford, and the Chiefs of Stff very publically tell him we can't do it, and by the way we're bringing everyone home so make sure you've finished all the SLAM.
There are several phrases in TB's speech which need closer examination.

"My choice is for armed forces that are prepared to engage in this difficult, tough, challenging campaign, to be war fighters as well as peacekeepers"

No Tony it is not your choice. This is a democracy. Also how long does he have left in power anyway. I've no doubt that whoever takes over (Please don't let it be Gordon!) will have a different policy and we'll have to start fighting for recognition all over again.

"for us as a nation to be as willing to fight terrorism and pay the cost of that fight wherever it may be".

Ok Tony, you want to pay the cost, increase defence spending to 4% GDP like the Americans, who are paying the cost and, as a consequence, have quality kit.

"It is true that operational commitments are at a higher level than originally planned. Service personnel are working harder and for longer than intended,"

Ok, so what are we going to do about it? Any chance of recruiting more people, paying the ones you've got more and increasing the quality of theit time ashore (or whatever the Army and Air Force call it) so they won't leave?

He thinks the stories of poor accomodation are exaggerated. Has he been to see any? Did he even bother looking at the JRs messes or the booties messes on Albion? Try living in it yourself Tony, then tell us how great it is.

As someone said on a different stream - we are a volunteer force. If we keep getting treated badly there won't be any volunteers left.
Our troops will be using catapults, bows and arrows and swords to fight if there any more cutbacks. How does Bliar think we can be a Fighting Force without funding.
One thing I noticed at the news conference, unlike Bush he wasn't surrounded by servicemen and women. Is he nervous of having trained killers behind his back?
Anyone who believes anything that man says at any time is naive. This government thinks we are all stupid and will believe their spin.

Problem is, at the next election, there won't be much alternative. They're all as bad as each other now.

Wouldn't it be great to have a party that actually does what it says on the tin?
I'm just waiting to see what label Cameron puts on the tin. He hasn't yet, but i'm prepared to believe that he'll fulfill the promises that he's gonna make

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